How to Fix a Dell Laptop that Wont Turn On?

Is there anyone who knows about how to fix a laptop that wont turn on. I am facing some issues while trying to open my laptop. It's not working. Help me.



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Fix a Dell Laptop that Won't Turn On:

It is very exasperating when you press the power button of your Dell laptop… but unfortunately, it doesn’t get on. Actually, there can be a wide range of reasons that can be attributed to this unwanted situation.

To fix this issue, you may promptly call your computer vendor, or you may also troubleshoot the problem by following simple steps. So, to fix a Dell laptop that won’t turn on, here are possible reasons along with corresponding feasible solutions.

Method 1 - Faulty Power Supply

Your laptop may not be getting on either due to inappropriate voltage or due to a defunct battery or blown fuse in the laptop’s plug. The defunct battery may be replaced after removing it from the Dell laptop battery slot while you may be requiring a proper adapter with the correct voltage configuration for fixing the Dell adapter issue.

If the voltage supply through the adapter is OK, then, you may check for the fuse in the plug by opening the plug with the help of a screw driver. If you find the fuse faulty, you should replace the faulty fuse with a new one. 

Method 2 – Loose Cords

Many a time, the connecting cables may have been loosely inserted into the Dell laptop jacks. You can check this by holding the cords for a minute, and if your laptop is able to start, then it becomes amply clear that loose cords are the culprit for your laptop malfunctioning.

This can be dealt with by unplugging the connecting cables at both ends and reinserting the cables into relevant jacks carefully.  

Method 3 - Flawed Dell Laptop Screen

If by following the above course your laptop doesn’t get on, then you may check for the inverter installed in your Dell laptop screen. Fixing the screen’s inverter can be done in a very small budget on your own.

But before you start fixing the screen’s inverter; please ensure that the brightness of your laptop’s screen is not set at a minimum that may have probably caused a zero screen visibility of your Dell laptop.  

Method 4 – Connected Hardware Devices may be Hindering the Booting of Dell Laptop

Quite often, when any external media like a router or memory card or an external hard disk remains connected with the Dell laptop during an earlier shutdown, it may hinder the regular booting process of your Dell laptop.

This happens when the BIOS of the laptop recognizes so connected hardware device as boot facilitating resource. In order to get this problem resolved you should first disconnect all hardware devices with the laptop and must try to restart the Dell laptop.

Method 5 – New Hardware Installation may have Impeded the Regular Booting

When new hardware equipment is installed on the Dell laptop due to the technical snag related to configuration settings, the laptop may not have been able to boot.

In such a situation it is always advisable to uninstall the equipment and then reinstall it properly to fix the laptop booting-related glitch.

Method 6 – Windows Itself may not be Allowing the Dell Laptop to Boot

Sometimes, the BIOS of your laptop may not recognize Windows Operating System for booting. In such a scenario you may use an external rescue disc to boot the system. This way you can fix a laptop that won’t turn on due to the reasons enunciated from Method 1 to Method 5. 

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