Security Information - Privacy Policy

This page describes how we obtain information about the users and how we use such information collected. The privacy policy page unveils how we gather data about our users and use it on our site. In order to get full understanding of our privacy policy, read out the description stated in this document.


Whenever someone tries to access our webpage, we fetch personally identifiable and non identifiable details of the visitor.

Private Information of the User

Private information or personally identifiable details of a user are the ones that user provides on the website when he registers or signs in to the website. These details include the one that you enter when you create an account.

When you make an account on a website you enter your personal information such as your contact information, E-mail ID, username. It is obligatory for the user to enter this information but only when he or she accepts the terms and conditions and agrees to subscribe. No third party user is authorized to use this information. Therefore, the personally identifiable information is completely secure.

Non-Private Information of the User

These details are not directly provided to us by our esteemed users. This information relates to your IP address and the browser that the user uses for accessing Technical Support Hub. In addition to it. It collects information from the website that you used to access this website. Moreover, it gathers details about your OS and your ISP. This information is retrieved through the files saved on FPF servers.


Private Information of the User

The e-mail address that you enter while creating an account is used for sending you notifications regarding the recent updates made in connection to the topics that you want to read about. We use the personal information of the user to respond to the questions asked or opinion shared by him or her in the comment section after the article or blog. This user sensitive information will not be sold, rented, or shared with any other source without the user’s assent.

Mailing List

An e-mail is sent to the user regarding a new update or new article posted of his interest. Although a user has a choice of not to receive emails any further. The details that are shared through an e-mail are provided as per his or her choice. People who have subscribed on Technical Support Hub are the only people who can obtain this service.

Non-Private Information of the User

This information is used particularly for understanding the user. We are obligated not to share this information with any outside party.


This is a small set off information that is shared with the internet browser of the user for enhancing the user experience. The cookie policy help us to create a better understanding of the user. Cookies keep the sensitive information of the user safe. It only assembles positive information such as the information that concerns the user.

If you don’t want cookies to track the number of pages that you visited, then you can disable it whenever you want. But that will affect the user experience as then we will not know what exactly you are looking for.


As per the contemporary world’s requirement, there is always a do not track option in the internet browser. It restricts another website from tracking down your details. It will also not save any data on other websites you visit, even if you have subscribed to it. You will have to enter these details again.


The data that we gather about you is kept safe on the web. Our company performs all the necessary measures that are required to be taken for protecting the information from unauthorized access. We protect your sensitive information from alteration, theft, or misuse. Only a limited people have the authority to access your private information.


Bassically, we try to store as less information as possible about the user that is restricted to his name and email ID and in some of the cases even their contact information. This information is stored safely and is utilized whenever required. This information is preserved till the tie it is needed and it can also be erased as per the request launched by the user.


If any changes will be introduced in the privacy policy,then the users will be the first ones to be notified about it. Any changes made will be updated together with the date on this page. Moreover, there will be nuts and bolts about it on the home page as well. There will never be any usage or breach of user information unless the user concurs to it.


If there is any concern or question you wanna ask regarding the privacy policy, user, and the date, then you can contact us through We assure to keep our users up to date on all counts.


If there are any modifications in the personal or e-mail information or may change in the coming future, then the user can update such change using his personal account. Just login and edit your personal details there. You will receive a confirmation email for changing your email address. Use the link that is send to your email address for activating the account.