How to Remove a Virus from an Android Phone?

Hello, Please let me know how to remove a virus from an Android phone? I am facing some issues and I don't know how to resolve it. Help me.

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Remove a virus from an Android Phone Issue

Can your android cell phone have a virus? Cell phones are basically people’s lifeline nowadays. How do you know if your android cell phone is under a threat? How do you ensure all that personal information, your contacts, photos, and bank details are safe. Mobile malware can be kept in check with only a few simple steps and some apps that can help you remove a virus from an android phone.

Is the Mobile Virus Real?

The virus on your computer can disorder your files, steal your data and make the performance of your PC very slow. But android viruses are different as they can not be replicated therefore virus is not real for cell phones but malicious software is often called virus as they can do just the same amount of damage.

This malicious software can make their way in your cell phone if you download a third-party app and access your personal information and frame you to theft or fraud. This malware can send texts and give information to cybercriminals who can ask for ransom in exchange for your personal information or in the worst-case scenario use it to threaten you. In this article, you will find how to remove a virus from an android phone.

How to Tell if your Android Phone has any Kind of Virus?

As pc gets slow and unwanted ads to start popping up out of nowhere when there is a virus, similarly any of the following mentioned below will help you know if your phone has a virus.

  1. Slow phone
  2. Battery draining quickly
  3. Increased data usage
  4. A new app on the phone that you don’t remember downloading
  5. Overheating
  6. Unexplained pop-up ads

If any of these signs start to show on your cell be very careful.

Checking for Viruses on your Android phone

There are many anti-virus software available. Some free and some paid. You must choose the anti-virus software with caution as this software tells you if your phone is safe from any cybercriminal trying to hack on your phone. Make sure your software scans your phone properly and does not leave anything out. Being in a false hope that your phone is safe even when it’s not is worst then having a virus.

What Does this Malware do on the Phone?

  • They can subscribe to your phone to premium services.
  • The conversations can be recorded and sent to the hackers
  • Get  your personal information like contacts, photos, banking details, etc
  • Lock your phone and folders and blackmail you.

How to Remove a Virus from an Android Phone 101

You can take these measures and ensure that your android phone is free of virus

  • Switch off the phone and reboot in safe mode. Press the power button to shut down your device. Androids generally come with the Safe Mode. According to google you can follow these steps and start your android phone in safe mode to make sure that it’s virus-free: Press your phone's power button.
  • When the animation starts, press and hold your phone's volume down button. Leave it till the animation stops. You can spot the Safe Mode at the bottom of your screen. Safe mode turns off the third-party apps which might be the reason for viruses your android device. If going into safe mode removes all the problems you were facing with your phone then the third party apps are without a doubt responsible for the virus.
  • Uninstall any suspicious app that you do not remember downloading. This might not completely remove the malware but it will make sure it does spread further.
  • If you think any other is affected by the malware delete it immediately.
  • You can back up your phone’s data and then factory reset it.
  • Install a mobile security app on your phone.

Protecting your Phone from Malware

Prevention is always better than cure. Taking measures to ensure the virus does not enter in the first place is better than removing it later.

  1. A robust security system for your phone is a good investment.
  2. Do not click on pop-ups and anything suspicious.
  3. Use strong passwords for your phone and other social media.
  4. Never use open wifi. You must use a VPN when you connect to public wifi.
  5. Avoid installing apps from the third party. Use trusted sources eg: Google play store.

The phone virus is not as bad as the pc virus and can be taken care of with just a little bit of awareness about your phone.

Tom Bruce 01 June 2021