How to Check CPU Temperature Windows 11??

If you wish to check the temperature of your CPU on Windows 11 without third-party tool, then open BIOS and then search for CPU core temperature value. You can also check the temperature by using special apps like Open Hardware Monitor, Speccy, and Core Temperature.

If your Central Processing Unit's temperature is rising but you aren't aware of its exact temperature, then you must use the BIOS utility.

Below, we have discussed in detail how you can check the temperature of your CPU using different methods.

How to Check CPU Temperature on Windows 11 Without BIOS Utility?

Open hardware monitor is an open-source app that is available for free and you can check the temperature of your CPU using this app. Moreover, you can check information about other components of your computer.

If you wish to use this app, then you first need to open the main website of Hardware Monitor and then download the app on your computer. Extract the zip file of Open Hardware Monitor. Now, open the folder where the file has been extracted.

Right-click on the file "OpenHardwareMonitor.exe" and then choose the option of "Run as Administrator". Also, you must run your app with administration rights as you cannot obtain temp and other sensor access without it. After that, go to the User Account Control prompt and then choose the option of "Yes".

Go to the section of temperatures on your app screen and there you can determine the temperature of every core of CPU. You can also view other important information such as the temperature of your SSD drive and hard drive.

How to Check CPU Temperature on Windows 11 Using Powershell?

Another great tool to manage different tasks on Windows is to use PowerShell. Sadly, there isn't any ready PowerShell where you can check Windows 11 temperature. However, the open-source app that we talked about above has a power shell.

Go to the Search Result from Details Pane and select the option of Run as Administrator and select PowerShell from User Account Control. After that, copy and paste the command "Install-Module-Name OpenHardwareMonitor".

After you run the command mentioned above, you are going to view a message that will ask for your permission to install NutGet provider.Type Y in the command prompt and press Enter.

Now, wait for a few minutes and allow NuGet provider installation to complete. Once the provider gets installed, you will see a PowerShell prompt blinking for some time. This is happening because your PC is downloading OpenHardwareMonitor.

After downloading the module, PowerShell will reappear on your screen. After that, type the command "Measure-CPU temperature" and press the enter key.


So, these are the two ways that can help you learn how to check temperature on Windows 11. Other than that, you can use apps like Speccy to check the temperature of your Central Processing Unit. You just need to download this app from the main website of Speccy. After that, open the app and select the "CPU Section". There, you will be able to see the overall temperature of CPU.


Frequently Asked Questions

1) How Do I Check My CPU Heat Windows 11?

To check the temperature of CPU on Windows 11, you need to download Open Hardware Monitor on your computer.

2) How Do I Check My CPU Temperature?

To check your CPU's temperature, you can either use the Specky app. Alternatively, you can use the BIOS utility to check the temperature of your CPU. Another thing that you can do to check the temperature is to use HWiNFO.

3) How Do I Show PC Temperature in Taskbar Windows 11?

First of all, download and install the HWiNFO program. After you launch the program, choose the option of Sensors Only and then select Start. Go through the entire device list and select CPU related items and then you will be able to show the present temperature. You can also see maximum and minimum temperature.

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