How to Change Boot Logo on Windows 10?

please let me know that how to change boot logo on windows 10. i am facing some issues in this while using window 10. help me.

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Change Boot Logo on Windows 10:

Boot Logo on Windows has conventionally been depicting the “Windows” image but now you can easily change Boot Logo on Windows 10 by going through the simple procedure this detailed guide prescribes. 

Getting the Boot Logo image ready

Step 1 - Using the “Open With” option, open the image that you wish to set as the “Boot Logo” in the “Paint” application.

Step 2 - Set the size of the image by setting the Horizontal and Vertical pixels as 250.

Step 3 - Now save the image as a “BMP” picture using the “Save As” option.

Step 4 - While saving; please remember that you have to set the “Save as Type” parameter as the “24-bit Bitmap” image along with entering “splash” as the file name.   

Getting HackBGRT tool ready

Step 1 - Make sure that you are on HackBGRT’s GitHub page and after that download the ZIP file containing HackBGRT’s executable file.

Step 2 - Find the ZIP folder and extract the same by right-clicking on the folder and choosing the “Extract All” option.   

Step 3 - While extracting the HackBGRT’s ZIP folder assign the path wherein you want to save the contents and hit the “Extract” button.

Step 4 - Navigate the folder to find the “setup.exe” file and click on it to initiate the installation.

Step 5 - Make sure that you click on the “Yes” option in the UAC prompt. 

Here is how to tweak the Boot Logo

Step 1 - The application will be promptly opened in the Command Prompt window after which you can easily proceed with the installation.

Step 2 - Now cause the Notepad to shut down which gets launched listing a few details.

Step 3 - Next is the launch of the “Paint” application wherein you have to click on the “File” menu and select the “Open” option.

Step 4 - Here you ought to open the partition that the tool has created. Continue to select the “EFI” folder followed by opening the HackBGRT folder.

Step 5 - You can see the “splash.bmp” image at this point in time. Now copy the file that you have created earlier, get back to this window, and press the “CTRL” + “V” buttons together.

Step 6 - Continue clicking on the “Replace the file in the destination” option shown on the prompt that gets ultimately visible.

Step 7 - After this is done, click the “Open” option followed by closing the “Paint” window.

Step 8 - Your Command Prompt will show the message pertaining to the “HackBGRT “installation. Make sure that you exit the Command Prompt window as it will accomplish the proceedings eventually allowing you to change Boot Logo on Windows 10.

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