How to Fix a Dell Laptop That Wont Turn On?

Please let me know that how to fix a Dell laptop that won't turn On. I am facing some issues while wile working on Dell laptop.

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Fix a Dell Laptop That Won't Turn On:

Persistent use of Dell Laptop may cause you to see Dell Laptop that won’t turn on issue. This may ideally exist due to a variety of reasons ranging from corrupt BIOS to the presence of a virus or malware. 

Here is a quick guide that prescribes multiple ways of fixing the Dell Laptop that won’t turn on issue.

Checking the Power Supply is the Foremost Option

When you witness that after switching on your Dell Laptop none of the lights turn on it may certainly indicate Dell Laptop that won’t turn on issue. The same issue may also be because of a damaged power cable which you can check using an altimeter. 

So, if the Dell Laptop that won’t turn on issue exists you should fix all the issues primarily attributable to the power supply by replacing the power cable.

Changing the Boot Order may also Help

Sometimes it may happen that any removable USB drive may have remained stuck into the USB port and while the booting process of your laptop is underway your laptop may be attempting to boot using that removable USB drive. 

In this given situation simply eject and remove that USB drive and endeavor to boot your laptop in the normal order by pressing the power button again.

Removing the Battery from the Slot is also a Feasible Option  

It is commonly observed that the charging light starts blinking but you still face the Dell Laptop that won’t turn on issue. This may have arisen due to any technical or functional issue with your detachable battery which can be easily fixed either by placing the battery into the battery slot again or by fixing a new battery in the slot.

Try Rebooting the Windows in Safe Mode

There may be a possible scenario that your Dell Laptop may be getting powered on but might not be booting in Windows ultimately because of the Dell Laptop that won’t turn on issue. In this unwanted situation if you attempt to reboot your Laptop in Safe Mode then your laptop will resume booting after taking care of any glitches, bugs, or errors going forward.

The System BIOS could be Reset as an Alternative

Just begin by clearing the CMOS located in your motherboard’s settings which will enable your laptop’s first software to run ultimately restoring the default settings related to booting issues. This way you will be able to fix the Dell Laptop that won’t turn on issue.

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