How to Download Snapchat Without the App Store PC Guide?

Snapchat is becoming more and more popular by the day. This app is pretty unique and here you will learn how to download this app without an app store. Snapchat is all about instant communication where you share live videos. photos, memories. stories, music, etc.

The recipient can hold on to the message shared before it vanishes forever. This is another amazing characteristic of Snapchat that makes it from other traditional social networking messaging apps. By default, you can download this app from the Google Play Store on your Android device and from the Apple store on your iOS device. 

How to Open Snapchat without the App?

Opera mini browser allows you to open Snapchat within the browser. For this, you don't need to download the app on your device. In case you are not able to download Snapchat from the app store or play store, then this simple workaround can help you fix your problem.

There are some people who asked how to download Snapchat without a password. Sadly, there is no solution available for this problem. All you have to do is to press the forget your password button in order to gain access to your account. So, without any further delay, let's discuss how I can use Snapchat without an app. 

How to Download Snapchat without an App?

1) Use Snapchat in Your Browser

Step 1: First of all, you need to open the official Opera download page. After that, you are required to press the Download Opera button and select the location on your computer before selecting Save. 

Step 2: Choose the executable file and then feel free to select the Options checkbox if you wish to customize the installations as per your needs.  After that, select Install. 

Step 3: After that, a freshly installed browser will open up automatically. Use the web address in the address bar to search for the Snapchat website and use it. 

Step 4: Go to the upper-left corner and there you are going to see the Menu button. Then, click on it. 

Step 5: Choose Accounts from the list in order to sign in. 

Step 6: If you are a new Snapchat user, then you need to create an account using your smartphone. 

Snapchat works on browsers as well. It works on mobile devices as well as computers. It is recommended to log in using Opera because it is light and fast. Moreover, it supports multimedia content on Snapchat. 

2) Use an Android emulator for downloading Snapchat on your computer

Below are the steps that you need to follow to use the Android Emulator to download Snapchat on your computer. 

Step 1: Launch the official Bluestacks website on your web browser. 

Step 2: Select the Download BlueStacks button and select the download location for the installation package. 

Step 3: Select Save and then select the. EXE file to start with the installation process. Once your Emulator gets installed, launch it and then select the Play Store icon. 

Step 4: Sign in to your Google account to sync the details. 

Step 5: Launch the library of your store and then search for Snapchat. 

Step 6: Select the install button and then wait for the magic to happen. 

So, these are the two different methods that you can apply to download Snapchat without an app.

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