How to Fix Blue Screen of Death Windows 10?

Hello everyone,Please let me know how to fix blue screen of death windows 10.I tried many times but unable to fix it.So can anyone have any idea? help me

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Fix Blue Screen of Death Windows 10

Why does the Blue Screen of Death happen?

There are a few reasons that trigger the issue to occur. They are:

1.Due to Windows 10 update

2.Due to the installation of an app or updated hardware driver

3.Due to general usage

The chances are that due to the installation of any app or driver update trigger the issue most of the times.

The error message displays on your screen as:

“Your PC ran into a problem and needs a restart. We’re just collecting some error info, and then restart for

Your screen will also display the Microsoft troubleshooting page for the blue screen of death and the stop
error code that will display as “MANUALLY_INITIATED_CRASH”.

Are you able to access the desktop?

Before you troubleshoot blue screen of death, make sure you are having access to your desktop. At times, the
blue screen of death doesn’t allow you to have access to your desktop and you get stuck while you restart the

1.System restore in Repair mode

In such a case, Windows 10 can automatically move to repair mode once a few tries. you'll be able to use
System Restore option to set your laptop to an earlier date so open the system. If system restore helps to
access your desktop then you will be able to manually disable any automatic updates that caused the trouble.

2.Open Windows in safe mode and uninstall the last update

When booting with repair mode, open the “Troubleshooting > Advanced Options > Startup Settings > Restart” and
restart your computer. After the restart, press F4 to start Windows in Safe Mode or F5 to start in Safe Mode
with Networking.

Once you have access to the desktop, click on start > Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update” section.
Now click on the “View installed update history” to view all previously installed Windows updates. 
In case you find any new installation update, then click on the “uninstall updates” and then get back to the
previous version.

If that doesnt resolves the issue, then try the “recovery options” link that will let you reset the system and
startup from USB.

Steps to Fix Blue Screen of Death Windows 10 with desktop access

Blue Screen of Death Windows 10 will usually allow you to have access on your desktop. The exact reason behind
the issue is not discovered yet. Below are the few ways to Fix Blue Screen of Death Windows 10:

1.Verify device performance and health

In order to check the performance of your device health:Search for “Windows defender security centre”  > click on “Device performance and health” option and the
health report will display on your computer screen that includes: Windows update, storage capacity, device driver and battery life.

2.Uninstall application and updates

As discussed, app installations are one of the major causes of the blue screen of death in Windows 10. Make sure to uninstall any of the apps that you have installed in recent times. After you uninstall it, check if the issue still persists. Here are the below steps to uninstall the programs in Windows 10:

1.Enter “Apps and features” in a search box and then click on the first option to open it under Windows

2.Choose the app and click on “uninstall”.

3.Confirm the deletion and follow the instruction to remove the app from your system.
3.Update drivers

In case you have made any changes to any of the driver files recently then update the files to the latest
version. You can perform this by going to Device Manager and updating the driver files.
4.Disable hardware device

In case you have installed any new devices recently, go to Device manager > disable the device.
Make sure to remove all external devices like webcam, secondary monitors, etc. to assure those devices are not
causing the issue.
5.Use System Restore to undo your last modification or change

One of the ways to resolve the issue is to revert back the system to last known good configuration. System restore option will make a backup of drivers before updated ones are installed. If you suspect that BSOD issue is caused by recent driver updates or installation, then it is a good idea to use System Restore. Follow thebelow steps, in order to restore your Windows 10 installation to an earlier point. Remember that you should have created a restore point for beforehand in order to restore to that point.

  • Search for “system restore” and choose “Create a restore point” option in Control Panel.
  • A “System Properties” dialogue box will appear.
  • Open the “System Protection” tab and click on the “System Restore…” to restore to your computer to the previously saved point.

6.Increase the paging file size

Windows 10 use hardware space which runs out of space even one a single installation takes place. It uses the
paging file to store information when system usage exceeds the amount of physical RAM. there are chances of
occurrence of the blue screen of death if the hard drive space runs out of space. Below are the steps to move
your paging file to the larger hard drive partition.

1.Open control panel > system and security > system

2.Click on the “Advanced System Settings” link on the right sidebar and then on the “Advanced” tab.

3.Performance > settings > performance options dialog box.

4.Advanced tab > virtual memory > change.

5.Now Disable the checkbox “Automatically manage paging file size for all drives”.

6.Select the partition or hard drive with the largest space and then click on “custom-size”.

7.Type in 10000 for both Initial size (MB) and Maximum size (MB) and click the “Set” button.

7.Make sure you have sufficient storage

1.In the windows 10, search for “disk cleanup”  in the search box.

2.Choose any of the hard drives and click ok.

3.Check if the “recycle bin” and “temporary files” is checked and lastly, click on OK.

4.Now repeat the steps for other hard drives as well.

8.A guard from virus or malware infection

You will get an alert message when your system is infected. Here are the steps on how to scan your computer
for malware and virus infection.

Go to start > settings > update and security > windows defender.

Under virus and threat protection,> advanced scan > Windows defender offline scan > scan now button.

9.Check your RAM

1.Enter “mdsched” in the search box and open “Windows memory diagnostic” dialogue box.
2.Restart the computer and run the memory diagnostic tool.
3.When the tool opens, you may press F1 to choose basic, standard or extended memory diagnostic options. Apply
the desired settings by pressing F10.
4.After the test is completed, your computer will restart again and the test results will be shown.

10.Check whether your computer overheats

Sometimes, the reason behind the blue screen of death and system crashes might be excessive heating. Your
system has internal sensors to track temperatures and the values shown are your guides to it.

11.Update your Windows

1.Search for “Settings” and open “Windows Settings”. Click on “Update & Security” option.

2.Select “Windows update” in the right sidebar and then click on “check for updates”.

3.In case you are unable to install a new update then download cumulative updates and then install them.

12.Reinstalling with Fresh Start

Blue screen of death in Windows 10 is not to be worried about until it is caused by malware or virus. Ensure
troubleshooting with the solutions mentioned above and Fix Blue Screen of Death Windows 10.

Open Windows Defender Security Center > go to Device performance & health section > fresh start > click on
Additional Info link.

In the next screen, click on “Get started” to start the process
You will see the message such as “some of the apps might get deleted during the fresh installation process”.
You have to click on “next” and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the clean installation.

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