How to Fix Ccleaner Update Not Working?

Ccleaner update not working in windows 10. I am facing some issues in this while updating it. If you have any idea to solve it. Then give us.

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Fix Ccleaner Update Not Working:

Are you troubled with the CCleaner update not working? If yes, then don't worry as here you will see multiple solutions to fix that problem. So, let us discuss them one by one.

How to Fix the CCleaner Update not Working Issue?

Below are the steps that you need to carry out in order to fix the CCleaner update not working problem.

Step 1: If the CCleaner does not update to the latest version on your system, then reboot your system and run the cleaner app again.

Step 2: One major reason for the update to fail is that the name on the signing certificate does not match with the publisher name.

Step 3: The name on the signing certificate should be the same as the publisher's name to successfully update the CCleaner app.

Step 4: The issue can easily be fixed by updating CCleaner by going to the main website.

Step 5: In case you have installed the security app of Malwarebytes premium on your, then the download of such a malware protection software can lead to the problem of CCleaner update not working. In order to fix this issue, then you will have to disable the ransomware protection for a little while.

Step 6: To do this, first, you need to go to the Settings, protection, real-time protection, and then Ransomware protection.

Step 7: Disable the module by moving the toggle button to the left.

Step 8: In case the issue still remains, then uninstall and then delete all the files related to CCleaner on your system.

How to Fix the Problem of the Ccleaner not Working after Windows 10 Update?

Here are all the steps that you need to perform in order to fix the problem of the CCleaner not working after the Windows 10 update.

Step 1: In case your CCleaner application stops working after a Windows 10 update, then that must be happening because of the Windows 10 compatibility issues.

Step 2: This issue can easily be resolved by reinstalling the CCleaner app from the main website. CCleaner version 5.0 and then it becomes compatible with Windows 10 OS.

Step 3: Please ensure that you delete the CCleaner app that you installed earlier and other related files before installing the latest version.

How to Fix the Problem of Auto-Update not Working?

When the folders that you wish to scan have duplicate files, which you are not able to find, then that means the folder is not in the list of "Include" or there is a good chance that your folder is hidden.

Step 1: In case the CCleaner update is not working properly on your system, then you need to see if the automatic update feature is enabled on CCleaner.

Step 2: In case it is disabled, then go to the main page of the CCleaner and then click on the icon of Settings by going to the panel given on the left side.

Step 3: Check the checkbox of "Automatically check for updates to CCleaner" and then restart the app.

Step 4: The next thing that you need to do is to ensure that the feature of Important updates or emergency updater is enabled or not.

Step 5: In case you find it turned off, then the auto-update won't happen.

Step 6: Go to the option of Updates under CCleaner and then select the checkbox of "Apply these updates automatically" below the section of Important Updates.

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