How to Get Rid of a Virus on a Mac?

Please let me know how to get rid of a virus on a Mac. I am facing some issues while working on my Macbook. Help me in resolving it.

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Get Rid of a Virus on a Mac:

We all certainly know that Mac machines and computing devices are probably less vulnerable to viruses and worms but still, these systems are not completely immune from any potential virus infection.

When your Mac computing machine gets infected by the virus infection it may be evident from different types of indications like slow speed of your Mac machine, constant running of a fan of your Mac, your Mac is unresponsive, automatic installation of unwanted Browser installations, etc. all of which requiring some permanent fixes to enable you to get rid of a virus on a Mac.

Friends, by making available this complete user guide I share all possible ways and means to get rid of a virus on a Mac which will definitely come in handy for you as well.

Just Go Terminating Suspicious Processes Running in the Background

Ideally, you can begin by executing the option of terminating the suspicious process that may be concurrently running in the background by following the steps given underneath which will eventually assist you to get rid of a virus on a Mac. 

Step 1 - First you should be starting the Activity Monitor followed by finding the unfamiliar applications. 

Step 2 - After you have found the potential malware listed in the form of unfamiliar applications in the Activity Monitor, you should go selecting the same and must cause such processes to quit by clicking the “Quit” button when prompted.

Go Uninstalling the Malicious Program

If you don’t find any suspicious program in the background to terminate especially when you are looking for the same with the intention to get rid of a virus on a Mac then you may switch to the option of uninstalling the Malicious Program by adhering to the steps mentioned hereunder.  

Step 1 - Just initiate by launching the Applications Folder followed by navigating the list to find the potential Malware folder.

Step 2 - Then, give right-click on the Malware folder and choose the “Move to Trash” option followed by completely cleaning the Trash folder.

Opting to Remove the Login Items

It is generally noticed that Malware often establishes it on Mac in the form of a Login item which can be confirmed when your Mac machine boots and you see an Application Window all of a sudden.

So, you can search for and delete the Malware-linked Login item by sticking to the steps given here which will for sure help you get rid of a virus on a Mac.

Step 1 - Initially, you have to choose System Preferences from the Apple menu followed by clicking on Users and Groups icon. 

Step 2 - As soon as the Users and Groups window opens you just have to find and click on the “Login Items” tab. 

Step 3 - Next, while navigating the list if you find by not able to recognize the “Login Item” you must select the item and must remove the same by clicking on the “Minus” button exhibited slightly below in the same dialog box.

Disabling or Removing the Unwanted Extensions of Your Internet Browser is also a Possible Option  

Many a time unwanted browser extensions get automatically installed which ought to be removed to get rid of a virus on a Mac. You can get this done simply by going on to execute the set of steps mentioned hereunder.

Step 1 - When you are on Google Chrome you just have to click on three vertical dots followed by clicking on the “More Tools” option.

Step 2 - In the next step you just have to go clicking on “Extensions” after which you have to navigate the new Extension window that gets consequently opened.

Step 3 - Here in the new Extension window you will have to find the unknown, unwanted, or malicious Extension followed by disabling its toggle button. You may also remove it by simply clicking on the “Remove” button given therein.

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