How to pair Apple AirPods with your Windows?

Hello, Please let me know how to pair Apple AirPods with your Windows?. I am facing some issues in the pair Apple AirPods with your Windows. I don't know how to resolve it. Help me.

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Pair Apple AirPods with your Windows

Airpods is the wireless Bluetooth earbuds which is developed by Apple. The first one Airpods has been released on December 13, 2016. This devices is used to play audio file and it includes built in microphone which allows user to take phone calls and speaking with the apple digital assistant and additionally it has built-in accelerometer and optical sensor which is used to detect taps and in the ear placement which enable user to do automatic pausing  when they are taken out of the ears.

This is much compatible with the airpods itself and Bluetooth, charging case, lightening port etc and current firmware comes out with this device. Apple Airpods is compatible with the following devices which are iPhone 5, MAC Book and apple watch and windows operating system.

To work with windows, you are required to make pair with apple Airpods with the windows. So in this blogs, we are explaining step by step guide to explain the complete procedure to pair apple airpods with your windows.

If you make pair Airpods with your iPhone, it will take three seconds to make pair with any kind of apple device but pairing with windows, it will required few steps which we are explaining below.

Pairing Airpods with personal computer:

  • On your personal computer, first you need to open  setting app
  • Then choose device from the main menu
  • At the main menu, you will get Bluetooth and other device option which is located at the top of the window
  • On this page, click add and other blue tooth device option 
  • On the add device page, click on the Bluetooth option 

Put the Airpods in their case and open the lid  and thereafter press and hold the button at the back of the case until you might see the status light between your two Airpods start pulsing white and then let it go. Thereafter your Airpods should show up in the add a device to pair and connect both.

Reconnecting once the pair established:

After establishing connection between your personal computer and your Airpods, you will be able to reconnect your Airpods and your personal computer for listening the music and watching video on youtube, video conferencing etc on by heading towards to the Bluetooth and other devices page in the settings. Now you will see all the paired audio device which are listed under the audio header section. You need to select your Airpods from the given list and thereafter click on the connect button to proceed.

Alternate method to connect Airpods with window 10 PC:

Pair Airpods with windows 10 PC

In this section we will be covering two scenarios for using Apple’s Airpods with windows 10 computer.

  • Pairing the Airpods for the first time
  • Reconnecting the airpods

Pairing the Airpods for very first time:

Before pairing, you need to make sure that your Airpods should be charged atleast 40%. If it is not charge, you need to insert the Airpods in the case and charge it  and keep it inside for the pairing process.

  • First open the cap of your Airpods’s case
  • Now press and hold the circular button on the rear position of charging case for the few seconds time
  • When the light inside the case start blink  in the white color , you have to release the button
  • Now open the window setting app
  • Thereafter navigate for the device option
  • Now navigate Bluetooth option which is under the device section
  • You need to select add Bluetooth or other device option
  • You need to select Bluetooth which option you will get through the mini window popup
  • Now you will get a list of Bluetooth device
  • You have to select your Airpods from the available list
  • On selecting the Airpods in the list, it will start pairing automatically and it will be available for the first uses.

Some FAQ are there which are related with when user are facing problem during pairing:

Q: Why won’t my Airpods connect with my computer

A: first you need to make sure to select your Airpods as you audio device. Then close your lid and wait for approximate 15 seconds  and then open the lid. Thereafter the status light should flash white which means that your airpods are ready to connect if your airport is not able to connect . you need to press and hold the setup button which is located on the back of the case.

This is the detailed document on How to pair Apple AirPods with your Windows

John Oxley 19 May 2021