How to Play Online Pogo Mahjong Escape Game?

Pogo Mahjong Escape is one of the most popular single-player games, with a tonne of exciting obstacles for you. Discover the secrets hidden behind many dynasties and empires as you travel through new locations. But, more crucially, it's about an unimpeded journey in which you must accomplish stages as quickly as possible to win.

Mahjong Escape is a fantastic puzzle game in which you must solve the challenge by collecting tiles and layouts before time runs out. It's simple to advance or open up the following area if you use power-ups quickly!

You can earn Badges in particular by completing special Dynasty stages that are randomly produced during the trip. Each square in the online Pogo Mahjong Escape game will take you on an exciting journey.

You can reset your record whenever you like. Naturally, the points, timers, and stars you earn will reflect your efforts. If you want to get the most points and rule the rankings, try to act sensibly. Experiment and see how long it takes you to get to the end! Always remember to look for accessible pairs of identical components, just like the original! Best of luck!

How You Can Play the Online Pogo Mahjong Escape Game?

You'll travel through the lands of various dynasties and empires in Pogo Mahjong Escape Game. Pogo Mahjong Escape Game, like other online games, provides players with elements that make the game more fascinating and stimulating.

There are yellow and green tiles on the map that indicate different levels. The levels in green tiles are frequently more difficult. You can play in order or at any level, skip or return to a previous one.

Time and point: Keep in mind that the faster and more intelligent you are, the higher your score will be. The number of stars given for each level is likewise increased.

Each Level Features a New Tile form Arrangement. The Following Tiles are Available:

Normal Tiles

Flower and Season tiles: The four Flowers can be mixed and matched with any other Flower tile, and the four Season Tiles can be mixed and matched with any other Season Tile.

Golden Tiles:

Matching Golden Tiles earns you a bonus point multiplier for every subsequent tile you match. To increase your score, get these tiles as soon as possible.

Key and Locked Tiles:

Pesky-locked tiles prevent regular tiles from being accessed on the board. To remove the key tiles from the board, you must locate and match them.

Change Tiles:

Select TILE SETS from the Menu Button in the upper right-hand corner of the game.

You can travel to new locations or periods with the use of a time machine. But it won't last long, so you'll have to save the time machine by matching all of the tiles on top of it.

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