How to Access Roku Secret Menus?

The thrill of discovering a secret which no one else is aware of is unmatched. The hidden menus on Roku are still hidden, even though they're not the best-kept secret in town. Thus, you will need to comprehend how to access them.

Through these hidden menus, you can customise your smart TV with a plethora of options, including themes, developer settings, Wi-Fi network details, and channel information.

How to Get to Every Hidden Menu on Roku

For accessing information or change device settings, you can access a number of hidden secret Access Roku Secret Menus. We'll walk you through each secret menu on Roku TV step-by-step below.

Information Menu for Networks

  • The Network Details Menu allows you to view information concerning the WiFi network that you are currently connected to. It is where you should go for information on your IP address, signal strength, and to establish a new connection.
  • Five presses of the Home button.
  • Input Right, Left, Right, Left, Right.

Channel Details Menu

To obtain information about builds and versions of Roku channels as well as additional apps that are currently installed, you must open the Channel Information Menu.

  • Make three presses on the Home button.
  • Double-press Up.
  • Click Left, Right, Left, Right, Left.
  • The Channel Info Menu should appear, listing all installed channels and applications along with their builds and versions.

Developer Settings Dialogue Box

You can access the developer programme installer and reset your Creator Mode password from this hidden Roku TV menu.

  • Triple-press the Home button.
  • Once again, press Up.
  • Hold down the Right, Left, Right, Left, and Right keys.
  • Hopefully, the Development Console Settings Menu will appear.

Secret Menu for HDMI

These instructions will help you access the Roku secret menu, which is the best source of information about the intervals of refresh and resolutions that your device supports.

  • Five home button presses.
  • Hit Down and then Left.
  • Triple-press Up to begin.
  • Everything you require to know about your device's HDMI connectivity should be visible in the HDMI Secret Menu.

Restart the Secret Menu

Your Roku device needs to be rebooted. This isn't really a menu; rather, it allows you to restart your device without navigating to the Settings screen.

  • Five presses of the Home button.
  • Squeeze the button.
  • Tap the Rewind button twice.
  • Two presses of the Forward button.
  • Your device will reboot after it stops responding to the remote.

It's evident that once you know how, getting to Roku's hidden menus is very easy. With this information at hand, you can quickly and easily access all of the Roku TV hidden menus to view all of the important details about the device you are using, change its settings, and personalise it as you see fit.

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