How You Can Fix Your Fix Cox Router Blinking Orange Error?

A router is a device which has two or more than two ports. Each port can be connected to a different network. It is used to route the data, which acts as a directing machine to show the path of your data to the destination. A router has made the Internet connection only better. 

There are times when your router will blink different colours of light. This happens because your router or modem is trying to convey the message that something is not right. The blinking of different lights indicates different things. 

Your Cox router blinking an orange light is an indication of a failed internet connection. When the Cox router fails to detect a modem, then it blinks an orange light. This issue can be fixed by forming a connection between your Cox router and the internet network via ethernet cable. 

How do you fix the Cox Router blinking orange issue? 

If you detect any of the above mentioned problems in your Cox router and wondering how to proceed further, then here are a few ways -

Try rebooting the Cox router with the help of an app

The Cox App provides you complete access so that you can control your router in various aspects. You can also reboot the router with the help of the Cox app, sign in to your account, and go to the My Service option from your home screen. From there, you will be able to find your Cox router under the section "my internet" Click on "reset modem" and follow the required steps to complete the rebooting process. 

Try a soft Reset on your Cox router

A soft reset is always a convenient way to fix the issues with your router. The soft reset helps solve all the minor glitches. It does not reset or delete any of your saved data. To perform a soft reset on your Cox router, you have to first remove or disconnect the router from the power source for a minute or two and then connect the router to the power source. 

Try a Hard Reset on your Cox router

A hard reset is an effective way to solve connectivity issues, but it should be your last option because it resets the router to its default factory settings. By performing a hard reset, you may lose all of your saved data.

To perform a hard reset, you have to first locate the reset button on your router, which is usually placed at the back of the router, press and hold the button for half a minute, and wait for the router to turn back on. 

Take help from the customer support team

If, after trying out all the solutions, you're still not able to fix the issue, then you should consider calling the customer support team for further assistance to guide you through the problem and take action to fix it.

Why Your Cox Router is Blinking Orange?

Sometimes, you might not be able to understand the exact cause behind the issue, which can make you incapable of taking any action in the right direction. 

There might be many reasons behind your Cox router blinking orange light. Let's find out
Overheating of the device.

There are times when you may face this issue because of the compact placement of the router. Due to this, continued data activities in your router circuit board lead to the overheating of the device. This can block your internet connection. So, it is important to place the router in a ventilated area. 

An outdated firmware

The router usually updates the firmware regularly. It helps in maintaining security and providing the best service. An outdated firmware might not be the best for the current service standards, which may lead to connectivity issues.

Random technical glitch and blocked signal

The Cox's router may face some obstruction due to technical glitches. Due to the blockage, the router may not be able to communicate with your network. Read the manual that comes with the router to avoid the signal and technical issues. 

ISP service Outage

The orange light blinking issue can also be a result of an internet outage in your locality. Go through your ISP website or contact them to check whether there is an internet outage in your area or not.

Loose or Damaged cables

Sometimes, loosely plugged cable wires are also a major cause behind the issue; the loosely plugged-in cables have no chance of getting the proper signal strength. So when you come across the blinking orange light, the first thing you have to make sure of is diagnosing the problem and taking quick action. 

Multiple connected devices

The maximum router support is up to 250 devices, but on a realistic note, the average Router support per house is only 20. Too many high-draw devices can strain the bandwidth, and the router starts flashing the orange light. So, make sure you don't share your password with anyone other than your family members.


The blinking of the orange light on your Cox router is quite frustrating as it indicates internet connectivity issues. Nobody likes obstruction while using the internet, so without worrying too much, you should consider solving the issue with the help of all the proper resources. The issue is fixable and does take a lot of your time. You can also try contacting the Cox customer support system to help you. 

FAQs of Cox Router Blinking Orange

Q: Why is my Cox router flashing orange?

Ans: Your Cox router is flashing an orange light because it is having internet connectivity issues. Once the proper internet connection is established, the orange light will stop blinking, and it will turn into a solid, continuous light. 

Q: How can you reset the Cox router? 

Ans: You can perform a soft and hard reset on your Cox router depending on the requirement and the depth of the problem. A soft reset is performed by unplugging the router from the power source, and a hard reset is done by pressing the reset button on the router. 


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