How to Remove a Windows Virus?

Hello Guys,Please let me know how to remove a windows virus.I don't know how to Remove it.I tried many times but unable to Remove it.So can anyone have any idea?

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Remove a Windows Virus

It's a undeniable fact Windows is the most popular and commonly used operating system among the techies. Though this has made it a prime target for cyber criminals as well. You do so much to prevent malware from coming near and infecting your machine.

But if your PC or laptop gets somehow infected, what will you do to remove a Windows virus? Well, not to lose your brain, we just have a guide to get rid of a virus.Windows viruses may attack your system differently as there's much they can do

So, dealing with such an infection depends upon whether your Windows is still loading or not. But whatever the situation is, the blog covers all that you need to remove a Windows virus and get your computer working again.

If you are not sure that it's a virus then quickly look at the below things indicating an attacking virus. 

Step 1.Windows working abnormally slow

Step 2.Displaying lots of pop-up messages unnecessarily

Step 3.Unrecognized programs start up itself

Step 4.Unable to access your files

Easy steps to remove a Windows virus

Every user has some antivirus software installed on their Windows system. What then? Simply run a quick scan but if that fails to detect anything, follow these listed steps in sequence. Remember that you do not restart your machine until you've executed and completed every step to remove a Windows virus.

Step 1. While some malicious programs try to stop every cleanup step and hence resist you from removing them. Combat such downloads by running rkill.

Step 2. Install the most recent version of Malwarebytes. Run the program and navigate to the 
Settings > Protection > Scan for rootkits. 

Step 3. Thirdly, return to the dashboard zone and then click Scan Now option.

Step 4. Lastly, install and launch Malwarebytes ADWcleaner. Thereafter, click the Scan button.
Consequently, this search and remove a Windows virus so that you get back to your normal PC.

Steps to remove virus when Windows not working

To remove a Windows virus, your system should be working. But if you are unable to get into Windows to run a virus scan, then create a recovery tool that boots up your computer. Obviously, for that you will need access to a second PC or laptop along with an USB stick which can be wiped of any existing contents. Further, you have to download the Norton Bootable Recovery Tool.

Although, it is asked to use a USB memory stick but you can also use a writable CD or DVD for your convenience. For this, you need to insert the disc into the DVD drive. Then, find the Norton Bootable Recovery Tool file that you just downloaded. Thereafter, right-click NBRT.iso and choose 'Burn disc image' option. Select the disc drive and click Burn in the Windows Image Burner section. 

Download and install the Rufus tool if you are using a USB stick instead of a disc.

Next, insert your USB stick into the system port. Here, select 'ISO Image' from the drop-down menu under Format Options. By clicking on the disc drive icon, go to the Norton Boot Recovery Tool file and select NBRT.iso. Click Start >> OK in order to erase all files on the USB stick.

Now insert your DVD disc or USB drive into the Windows PC.

Switch on the machine, but rather than letting Windows start by itself, enter the BIOS menu directly. To enter and open the BIOS, press the F2 button on the keypad.

Here, search for the Boot options and then set the disc or USB drive as the first drive. As the BIOS varies for every system so the process is fairly different.

Now, save the modifications and exit the BIOS. Your machine then starts to boot up from the selected drive.

If you see a boot menu on the 'Welcome to NBRT page', select Boot option which prompts scan process.

So, when it's complete with any found threats, ensure to 'fix' only genuine threats because the actions can't be undone.

If you're happy with your selections click Fix, and OK when asked for confirmation. Finally, click Reboot when the process is finished.

Can you stop your Windows computer getting another virus?

One of the best ways to keep your computer safe on the internet is to keep your antivirus updated. Fortunately, Windows 10 comes with a built-in firewall along with an effective antivirus in the form of Windows Defender. Hence, extra protection is always the best idea to keep your Windows safe from malware.

Tom Bruce 16 June 2021