How to Schedule Dark Mode Hours in Windows 11?

Please let me know that How to Schedule Dark Mode Hours in Windows 11? I am facing some issues while doing this. Help me.

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Schedule Dark Mode Hours in Windows 11:

Due to the white light on the screen, dark mode lessens the strain on your eyes. Try to Schedule Dark Mode Hours in Windows 11.

Using third-party software or by making a new task, you can program dark mode on Windows 11.

On Windows 11, How do I Directly Schedule the Dark Theme?

Step 1: Press Win to bring up the Start menu.

Step 2: Search for "Task Scheduler" and select the first result.

Step 3: - Select Create Task... from the Action menu by clicking on it.

Step 4: - Under the tab for General, give your task a name, like switch_dark_theme.

Step 5: - Select Run regardless of if the user is signed in or not from the radio button, and then select the option to not save the password.

Step 6: - Change to the Triggers tab, then select the New button.

Step 7: - Choose the Everyday option underneath the Settings panel and select On a Time Line from the Begin this assignment drop-down menu. Set the time that the dark mode should begin, then click OK to save your settings. To repeat the operation every day, set the Repeat every option's duration to 1 day.

Step 8: - The New option can be found by selecting the Actions tab.

Utilising Third-Party Programmes to Plan Windows 11's Dark Mode

Step 1: Download the application.

By clicking the Win key, the Start menu will appear.

Step 2: Start the Microsoft Store by 2.

Step 3: Open the most recent result from your search for "Auto Dark Mode."

Step 4: Click the Install button to start installing the Auto Night Mode app.

A third-party programme called Auto Dark Mode will enable a theme of darkness on your computer from dusk to dawn or at a predetermined period. You can download the software without risk by following the steps above. Learn how to set either light or dark themes using the Auto Darkness Mode app now.

Utilise the App

Within the application, you can change a variety of options.

Adjust the mode timing.

Disabled — Disable Mode Switching.

Set a specific start time to automatically launch bright or dark themes by selecting this option.

Depending on the times of your location's sunset and sunrise, use this option to change the settings. The location information will be automatically retrieved by the programme from the system and used to switch themes.

From dusk until dawn (coordinates) - This option is similar to the one above but differs. In essence, you have to manually enter the latitude and longitude of your location.

Select this option to adhere to the system's timetable for the night light mode.

Reapply and Restart your Computer.

To access the Settings menu, press Win + I.

Personalization is located in the left pane. Click it.

Select Colours from the menu.

Choose Light under "Choose your mode."

Reboot your computer.

Repeat the process, but choose Dark instead of Light in step 5 this time.

Additional Remedies

Here are some additional strong remedies that can assist you in solving the issue.

Use a different account, if possible.

Clean up faulty system files.

Delete any theme that you could have obtained from a third party.

We have concluded this guide. You can look at our advice, which will assist you in fixing the Windows 11 trapped in mode of darkness issue.

By following the instructions in our guide, you may also use the dark theme on Windows 10 as well as 11's Task Manager.

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