How to Stop Windows 11 Updates in Progress?

Is there anyone who knows about how to stop Windows 11 updates in progress. I am facing some issues while stoping it's update. Help me.

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Stop Windows 11 Updates in Progress:

You can still prevent such upgrades from taking effect if you haven't quite reached a point in which the Windows 10 version is installed but your PC has downloaded the file and also the shutdown or reset selections have switched to Update and Shut Down or Update with Restart. All you have to do is prevent Windows from performing its own "update."

  • Select System and Security from the list of menu options after launching the Control Panel.
  • Click on Maintenance and Security.
  • Choose Maintenance to see more possibilities.
  • Select Stop Maintenance from the list of Automatic Maintenance options.

How to Stop Windows 11 Updates in Progress

You can completely disable Windows automatic updates if the previously mentioned approach doesn't work or if you want to ensure that upgrades aren't delivered at any point in the near future. Any ongoing updates for Windows 10 should likewise be stopped by doing that.

How to Stop Windows Update in Professional Windows 10

Users of Windows 10 Professional have another option for stopping Windows 10 upgrades which is the Windows 10 Group Policy Editor. It may offer a different method of blocking an update, which some people could find desirable.

  • Input gpedit.msc by pressing Windows key + R, then click OK.
  • Access Windows Update by going to Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components.
  • Browse for and choose the option to configure automatic updates.
  • Choose Disabled from the toggle options on the left-hand side.
  • Choose Apply, simply select OK.

A Reminder Regarding Stopping Windows 10 Updates

If your PC has already begun installing the update (i.e., it has a progress bar on a blue screen and specifically instructs you not to shut it down), pay attention to it. Even though it would be easy to press the power button to restart your computer and halt the update, you run the risk of harming your Windows installation or rendering your device unusable.

Let the update run its course rather, and afterward uninstall it or restore Windows 10 to its default settings by using the system recovery methods.


On Windows 10, How do I Update Minecraft?

In Windows 10, Minecraft should update automatically. Open Microsoft Store > Library > Update if necessary. If an update is required, Minecraft will indicate that it is available.

How do I Update the Drivers for Windows 10?

The device you want to update should be selected by right-clicking in Device Manager. Choose Update Driver > Automatically check for driver software updates > Update Driver.

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