How to Use Alexa on your Windows 10?

Hello Everyone, Please let me know How to Use Alexa on your Windows 10? I tried many times but failed. So Can anyone have any idea? Help me.

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Use Alexa on your Windows 10

To be able to use Alexa app on your computer system, you must have a compatible Windows 10 operating system. Moreover, you will require an Amazon account. You can start searching for the Alexa app as a part of the initial setup of a Windows 10 device. Moreover, you can download it directly.

Setup and Installation

One can easily download and install the Alexa app by going to the Microsoft app store. All you have to do is to first launch the Start Menu and then launch the app store of Microsoft.

Alternatively, you can enter Alexa in the search bar of Windows. Then, you need to log into your Amazon account and then use Alexa.

How to Use the Wake Word?

In case your Windows 10 device is compatible and it allows you to have hands-free access, you can speak up the Wake Word Alexa when you wish to give a command or ask a question.

You can also choose the icon of Alexa that is given at the end of the app and then give a command or ask a question. To learn how to use the wake word, these are the steps that you are required to follow.

  • Launch the Alexa app for the computer menu. 
  • Click on settings.
  • Check whether you can choose the option of a wake word. 

After that, you need to register as well as set up your Echo devices.

Supported Attributes

The Alexa app for computer supports most of the skills and features of the Alexa device. You can give the command to Alexa to set timers, read the news, answer questions, create shopping lists, check calendars, and smart home devices.

To search for the latest skills and features, open the menu of the Alexa app on your PC. Then, you need to select Things to Try. 

Troubleshooting Issues

Check the Connection of Your Device

In case you are facing issues while using Alexa on Windows 10, then here we are available with certain troubleshooting techniques that you can use. Carefully check the status of your internet connection.

If your computer device is not connected to the internet, then you will not be able to perform any activity using Alexa such as asking questions, controlling devices etc. If there is no indicator of network present on the taskbar, then that means you need to connect it to the internet.

Update it to the Most Recent Version

Update the Alexa app for your computer to the latest version to fix troubles associated with the Alexa device. For updating Alexa app for the computer, select the Quick app by opening up the app menu. After that, open the Alexa app for the computer again. In case a new update is available, then you will be asked to install it. If the issue is still bugging you, then uninstall the Alexa app on your computer device and then reinstall it. In case you used the software management tool for installing the app,

Then you can use it for uninstalling and reinstalling it. The list of installed software will appear in front of you. out of that list, you need to uninstall the item of Amazon Alexa that has the most recent date of installation.

Go to the section of system requirements for confirming whether your device is compatible or not. For that, you need to go to get, and then you have to carry out the instructions appearing on the screen. 

There are a few Windows 10 devices, which have Alexa already installed on it in the tools of software management. For setting up the Alexa app on your computer system, search for the icon of Alexa by launching the Start Menu.

So, this was all about how you can use Alexa on Windows 10. If you wish to get some more details regarding how to use the Alexa app on a computer, then you can reach out to the customer service executives.

Morris Ivan 31 May 2021