Website Standard - Terms and Conditions

Getting registered to the Technical Support Hub will obligate one to accept certain set of rules. These rules have been laid down by the company and one has to abide by them in all circumstances. Any postponement in adhering to the rules mentioned on this page may permanently block one from accessing this site.

The Rules are Enumerated Below:

  • Any comment that does not confirm with the generally accepted standards should not be posted, breach of such rule will disentitle the user from accessing the website.
  • There should be no use of any offensive language on the platform that may injure the dignity of another party.
  • One must not deluge the website by giving immaterial responses to the questions. Please ensure that the answers you give on the forum are circumstantial.
  • A user is not authorized to publicize a product on the Technical Support Hub platform. The website has been specifically formed to raise issues associated with technical devices such as antivirus, browser, windows, and several other technical devices and to give answers to the questions raised.
  • No verbosity and redundancy of comments should be there.
  • No answers that are profane, obscene, abusive, harassing, or racially offensive in nature should be posted on the website

Points and Rewards

The rewards system has been introduced on the site so that the users can maintain a decorum on the platform. This is to engage the visitors in asking questions and answering them by concentrating on the main point. The nuts and bolts of the point system has been described below

Joining the Platform

The bonus of becoming a member of the Technical Support Hub is 100 points. This bonus is for someone who registers with a unique email ID. If an individual rejoins with the same email address after removing his or her account, then he will not be entitled to receive these points.

Log in Points

If one logs in every day on the forum, then that individual will receive one point on a daily basis

Raising a Question

Asking a query on the forum will give a person -5 points. The question raised should be material and bona fide in nature. Non-compliance of the rules outlined on the terms and conditions page will forbid a person from raising further questions on the forum. The maximum number of questions to be raised in a day must not exceed the limit of 5.

Answering a Question

If one answers a query on the forum, then that individual will be rewarded with 2 points. The answers must be to the point. If a user violates any of the terms and conditions stated, then that party will be blocked immediately without an issuance of a prior notice. Any kind of misconduct or malfeasance will authorize the forum to block the user straightaway.

Rating an Answer

If one finds an answer most appropriate out of all the results on the forum, then that person can choose that answer to be the best of all. One who rates a particular answer will be accredited with 1 point.

Selecting the Best Answers

In case several answers have been posted on the forum for a single question, then the person who selects the most apt answer will receive 3 points. Only the one who raises the question will be entitled to rate it.

Best Answer

If an answer on the forum has been chosen as the perfect answer to the question raised, then the person who posted that answer will win 5 points.


The points awarded to a user are just to encourage the participants but no individual will be given any gifts. The system is subject to change and the power to make the changes rests with the company alone. No party is authorized to claim any accolade until and unless specifically stated by the company.

S.No Action Points
1 Begin participating on Answers One Time : 100
2 Ask a Question -5
3 Choose a Best Answer for your question 3
4 Answer a Question 2
5 Log in to Printer Forum Once daily : 1
6 Have your answer selected as the Best Answer 10
7 Receive a "Thumbs-up" rating on a Best Answer that you wrote (up to 50 "Thumbs-ups" are counted) 1 per "Thumbs-up"

Points and Levels of the Forum

The point and levels on the forum are solely based for encouragement and knowledge purposes and do not signify anything else. The forum has different levels which can be reached by earning points which in turn can be earned by answering questions and posting queries or questions. The levels according to the points earned are listed below and only signifies your participation and activity level on the forum:

Level Points Questions Answers
7 25,000 + 20 160
6 10,000 - 24,999 20 160
5 10,000 - 24,999 20 160
4 2500 - 4999 20 160
3 1000 - 2499 15 120
2 250 - 999 10 80
1 1 - 249 5 20

* All Limitations are per day


It is important for one to register on the website to enjoy the perks of being one of the participants. Although it is not mandatory for one to register and even a non-registrant is permitted to look through the posts on the site. Nonetheless, for posting a query or answer on the forum page, registration is essential.


The owners of the website are authorized to preview the website online. Every post is subject to pre-moderation before its official publication on the website. The answers and comments posted on the website become visible online after one day of posting it.


The Technical Support Hub is not responsible for any link mentioned on the site and is also not accountable for the content on any of the links provided.


No violation of copyrights or infringement by the users has been exercised on the website. It also cannot be held responsible for the same. The website considers the use of company name, logo, or trademark undesirable. If any individual uses the trademark or logo of any company, then the technical support team will not be held liable for that.