The Best Android Games Available Right Now October 2022?

How can you choose what Android apps to install this October when there is such a vast selection of fantastic games on Android phones available on the Google Play Store? If you're like us, you're all too familiar with just that regrettable downloading feeling.

But don't worry, with our hand-selected collection of the top Android games currently on the market, we're here to put an end to it. All of them could keep you occupied at home or even while you're out and about. The majority seem to be free, some are inexpensive, and are often awesome to play with your friends online once you can't meet in person.

We've also selected the top iPhone games for you, but if you prefer to play games on the best Android games or tablets you're certain to find which you'll like here.

Square Valley

Browsing for a portable, bite-sized puzzle game? Square Valley has brief and though engaging levels, no ads, and no in-game purchases. You can perform it offline or even in one-handed portrait shots.

As the Spirit of a Valley, it is your job to create distinctive areas that will satisfy the demands of your residents. This is determined by putting over 150 different, distinct tiles—such as homes, farms, animals, and etc your world. Roads, fences, rivers, etc. must link these tiles as well.


In the sci-fi-inspired future racer Repulze, you control an innovative hovercraft. With a fantastic sci-fi narrative about a bad company with synthetics, you can fly at insane speeds through roller-coaster-like tracks, win time trials, even battle AI rivals.

There is a lot of value here with seven hypersonic hovercraft to pick from or 24 exhilarating routes. Repulze is an exciting ride once you've grasped the controls as well as courses, but still it takes some time.

Infinity Ops

The setting of Infinity Ops is a time of interplanetary conflict in the distant future. It looks excellent as well as performs much better as you take on enemies as well as other teams with a large variety of weapons, including laser machine guns to plasma rifles, amid its wonderfully bright, neon-strewn cyberpunk 3D graphics.

Apparently, jetpacks were available so you may fly through the air! Form a clan and invite other players or friends, use gravity to increase your agility and speed or pick from a variety of classes, each having their own special skills and perks.

Raid: Shadow Legends

One of the most widely played dark fantasy RPGs for Android is called Raid: Shadow Legends. You must assemble the armies of Light and Darkness to cooperate in battle to preserve the universe in this Teleria-set game. Build up the strength of your team and face off against strong opponents by selecting over 400 warriors and 14 playable groups.

Dramatic boss fights, a PVP arena in which you can play against all other teams, as well as a stronghold that you can build but also upgrade are just a few of the things which will keep you entertained. The enormous map includes 12 sizable regions for you to explore, all of which are exquisitely rendered in 3D graphics. Role-playing game fans cannot afford to miss Raid: Shadow Legends.


Whether you enjoy FPS like MMORPG games, there are many best Android games you may play with pals. Find out well-known games including Brawlhalla, Them Bombs, Garena Free Fire, and Call of Duty: Mobile. There is something on our selection for every taste, as well as a short search of multiplayer games within Google Play store must provide you with many more alternatives.

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