Whea Uncorrectable Error: How to Fix this BSoD?

Please let me know what Whea Uncorrectable Error is: How to Fix this BSoD? I have no idea about this error. If anyone knows then help me.

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Fix Whea Uncorrectable Error:

Whea Uncorrectable Error is definitely a dampener as this blue screen error won’t allow you to utilize your PC until you end up fixing the same. What’s even more striking is the fact that this Whea Uncorrectable Error may be witnessed on any version of Windows due to issues related to Overclocking or owing to the existence of some erratic system updates.

Here is available this detailed guide that prescribes multiple ways to address your core concern of fixing the Whea Uncorrectable Error in a simple manner.

1 - Disabling the Overclocking Option from BIOS

In an attempt to fix the “Whea Uncorrectable Error”, you can resort to disabling the Overclocking from BIOS in the way suggested below.

Step 1 - You can begin by pressing the “Windows + I” buttons jointly to launch the “Settings” app.

Step 2 - Further, go on to click the “Update & Security” option.

Step 3 - Thereafter, navigate to the left pane to click the “Recovery” tab followed by pressing the “Restart now” button shown under the “Advanced startup” section.

Step 4 - Now under the “Advanced startup” section just open the “Troubleshoot” segment and then click the “Advanced options” button.

Step 5 - Now select the “UEFI Firmware Settings” option followed by clicking the “Restart” option.

Step 6 - When the system Restarts, BIOS should get opened automatically after which you must go to the “Advanced” tab.

Step 7 - Navigate to find the “Performance“ section wherein you have to look for the “Overclocking” option.

Step 8 - Here at this stage you have to ascertain whether “Overclocking” is disabled. If the “Overclocking” option is not disabled then cause it to turn disabled.

Step 9 - Now save these modifications by pressing the F10 button on the keyboard after which your PC will start normally.   

2 - Looking for Any Existing Hardware Issues 

If you still want to fix the “Whea Uncorrectable Error” then the other probable option is checking for any hardware options that may be persisting.

Step 1 - Just initiate by pressing the “Windows + X” keys concurrently and selecting the “Windows PowerShell (admin) going forward.

Step 2 - Continue by running the “chkdsk /f C:” command followed by pressing the “Y” button to restart your PC.

Step 3 - Finally wait for the scan to get over and see whether the Whea Uncorrectable Error is resolved.

3 - Running Windows Memory Diagnostics is also a Possible Option 

If you venture out to execute the “Windows Memory Diagnostics” routine then you may be successful in fixing the “Whea Uncorrectable Error”.

Step 1 - To start off just press the “Windows + S” keys simultaneously followed by typing in “memory” in the search panel and further selecting the “Windows Memory Diagnostic” option.

Step 2 - Simply press the “Restart now and check for problems” button and wait for the system to automatically diagnose the “Whea Uncorrectable Error” issue. If you find errors along this diagnosis routine then check for the same.

4 - Updating your System Drivers can also Fix the Whea Uncorrectable Error 

Step 1 - You must go by selecting the “Device Manager” after jointly pressing the “Windows + X” keys in a bid to fix the Whea Uncorrectable Error.

Step 2 - Try and find the driver that is causing the problem followed by updating the same by right-clicking on the relevant driver and selecting the “Update Driver” option.

Step 3 - Moving on you have to press the “Search automatically for drivers” button and wait for the process to get accomplished.

Step 4 - Repeat the above three steps for all the drivers that may be causing the “Whea Uncorrectable Error”.

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