How to Fix magicJack Error 42?

Hi Everyone, Please let me know how to fix magicJack error 42? I tried many times but unable to fix it. Help me.

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Fix magicJack Error 42

What is Magicjack?

  • Magicjack is an incredibly cheap VoIP provider that uses your current Internet connection to generate and accept calls.
  • Magicjack is like a plug-and-play device (similar to a USB drive) that you attach to your personal computer or high-speed modem to make local and long-distance calls.
  • Therefore, if you use Magicjack, your computer need not be continued on to take delivery of a call.

How does Magicjack Work?

  • The Magicjack equipment makes use of Voice Over Internet Protocol (“VoIP”) to give the go-ahead for local and long-distance calls to the U.S. and Canada, relying on an existing internet connection.
  • You can either make calls or take telephone calls with your computer or traditional landline number; there is no need for an added telephone service.

What’s VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol)?

  • VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, is a method that catches analogue audio signals (the same signals that let you speak on the telephone) and turns them into digital data that can be delivered over the Internet.
  • To put it simply, VoIP employs the Internet to make phone calls.

How Does VoIP Work?

  • At the moment, VoIP stands for three different ways of making a telephone call.
  • Be aware that the following three VoIP routes are economical besides representing telephone calls in the time to come.

Method 1: VoIP-Analogue Telephone Adaptor (ATA) Method

  • This widely held VoIP method is the most straightforward way of making a VoIP call.
  • This technique makes uses of an analogue telephone adaptor (ATA). The ATA links up a conventional telephone to an Internet connection or a computer to allow VoIP.
  • It admits the analogue signals from a typical telephone and changes them into digital data before supplying these electronic signals over the Internet.
  • Quite a few telephone service providers offer ATA, in addition to their other services.
  • The manner is simple; first, you pick up an ATA device from the provider, connect the phone cable into the gadget, and later start making VoIP calls with your telephone.
  • A few ATAs may need special software to conform with the configuration on the host computer; nevertheless, maximum ATA setups are uncomplicated and easy to implement.

Method 2: VoIP IP Phones Method

These telephones give the appearance of behind the times, traditional landline telephones.
However, in place of employing the usual RJ-11 phone connections, IP phones make use of an RJ-45 Ethernet connection.

IP phones join the Internet router, and the telephones accompany already-installed software and hardware; this equipment is now all set for making IP calls.

If a caller has Wi-Fi telephones, then he or she can make VoIP calls from any hotspot.

Method 3: VoIP Computer-to-Computer Method

  • This VoIP procedure is the most convenient way to make VoIP calls, as you can make long-distance, international calls for free.
  • What is more, different companies arrange for either complementary or very cheap software to make VoIP computer-to-computer calls.
  • All that you require is the software, speakers, microphone, sound card, and Internet connection.
  • VoIP produces the desired results when speedy Internet connections like DSL or cable exist.
  • Except for the standard Internet service provider costs, no other payment for computer-to-computer calls is necessary; moreover, this amount does not take distance into account.
  • There are a number of options for downloading complimentary VoIP software over the Internet. Generally, you can download and launch it within five minutes.
  • In case you want to undertake a simple VoIP solution, then opt for Magicjack; it is a VoIP device that allows you to make unlimited free phone calls in the U.S. and Canada minus monthly bills.
  • After launching Magicjack, employ your cordless telephone or a wired telephone to make and accept telephone calls.

What is a Magicjack 42 Connection Error?

  • A Magicjack 42 connection error occurs
  • when you try to join your Magicjack to a router before making a call.

Thus, port forwarding your Magicjack to the router is essential as it facilitates external connections.

What Details are Required?

To fix Magicjack error 42, you need a few essential elements like:

1.  External Static IP
2. MAC address of Magicjack device
3. Router configuration access(credentials)

It is important to recognize that particulars fluctuate as they rely on the router you are using.

Step 1:  Give your Magicjack a unique IP (within the range of your home/business network.)
Note: This IP is possible if you have a DHCP router configuration.
Step 2:  As soon as your Magicjack receives a unique internal static IP, you will have to establish port forwarding with your external static IP (for example, two ports 5060 and 5070.

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