How to Get Channel PEAR on Roku?

Hello, Please let me know that how to get channel PEAR on Roku. I am facing some issues while activating Channel PEAR on Roku. Help me.

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Get Channel PEAR on Roku:

After being removed from piracy a few years ago, the Channel PEAR, the private channel is back to Roku. We're really curious if it will stay, but it's an active private channel right now.

How can One Get this PEAR Channel?

Step 1: Register your Roku account at on a computer or wireless device.

Step 2: Go to your computer or phone at this URL. Canale=5Q5K56.

Step 3: Go to the URL or click on the library on

Step 4: Update your Roku to the System Update configuration. This is added to the end of the canal list by Channel PEAR.

Step 5: Run the Channel The instructions and the code will appear. Otherwise, sign-in if you don't have a PEAR Channel ID to create one on the site.

What is the PEAR Channel?

Channel PEAR is a media streaming tool for discovering and viewing live information from around the world. It is a cloud-based streaming application that does not need to manage its library on a media server or set-top boxes.

To use this app, you must create a free Channel PEAR account. You can sync a number of streaming devices such as Apple TV, Android, iOS, Kodi, Chromecast, Fire TV, and Roku to your library. We will talk about installing Channel PEAR on the Roku device in this article?

Roku is the easiest way to access your favorite home TV content. It supports different applications and installation services. You must register for a free account and pair your Roku player with the Channel PEAR account in order to access Channel PEAR on Roku. You can now access your media library with additional material.

How to Install Channel PEAR on Roku?

The Roku channel store no longer offers the Channel PEAR app. There is no way to install this app in Roku from the channel store or as a private channel. The only way to access Channel PEAR on the Roku device is through sideloading.

Activate Roku Developer Mode

To load the Roku side app, the development mode on your Roku device needs to be enabled first.

  • Press the following remote button in order to activate Developer Mode.
  • Pressing the remote buttons above in the same order in the correct order will open the development settings screen on the TV screen.
  • Developer settings will display the Roku device URL. The URL must be copied and the username saved, and the installer activated and the restart button is selected.
  • You can enter the Developer mode until the Roku restarts.
  • You can open the web browser on your device in order to access the Roku Developer mode and side-load applications.
  • Connect the same WiFi in which the Roku is connected beforehand with your computer.
  • Move to the bar and enter the search URL (previously noted from step 3).

As we mentioned earlier, the PEAR Channel cannot be found in the official channel shop. The only way to get Channel PEAR to Roku is by sideloading. Roku only allows one app to load side-by-side.

You cannot upgrade them directly from Roku if any update or the newest version of this software has been released. To re-download the Zip file and re-upload it to the Roku computer, you can follow the above instructions again.

Go to the Development Program Launcher page to uninstall Channel PEAR from Roku and then click Delete.

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