How to Get Email Notifications on an iPhone?

There are 2 methods to get email notifications on an iPhone for their pertinent emails. Users can set up their mobile devices to receive email alerts from just a particular contact or to enable all emails—urgent and non-urgent—from a specific email account to send notifications to mobile devices continuously.

How to Set up an iPhone to Get Email Alerts for a Certain Email Account

Step 1: Select "Settings" from the menu.

Step 2: Click "Mail" then "Notifications" in the settings section after scrolling down.

Step 3: Select the email account or accounts you would like to enable alerts for when you arrive at the new page setup.

Step 4: To choose an alert kind, enter into each email account after making sure "Allow Notifications" is set. You can decide whether you want notification banners, your Notification Center, and the Lock Screen to display notifications.

How to Use Mail VIPs to Receive Email Notifications for Particular Contacts Over an iPhone

Step 1: Click the "Mail" app to open it after unlocking your iPhone.

Step 2: Toggle the "VIP" email open.

Step 3: Pick the correct iPhone contacts you want to add to VIP Mails by selecting "Add VIP" from the menu.

Step 4: Turn "Enable Notifications" on by tapping "VIP Alerts." The alert settings can be changed to suit your personal tastes.

  • Mick Jone
  • Category: Email
  • Last Update: 5 months ago