How to Fix iPhone Not Receiving Emails?

Fix iPhone Not Receiving Emails:

Whenever your iPhone Not Receiving Emails, you can miss essential bank updates and corporate announcements, including meeting information. Numerous iPhone users continue to send and receive emails using the default Mail app since it offers a variety of add-ons that have been added over the past few years. 

Follow the information that follows troubleshooting tips to begin receiving emails in real-time.

You're back to checking your Gmail or Outlook account's most recent emails utilising a mobile browser. However, it could be a more pleasant and better answer. Instead, you can fix the iPhone without receiving emails using the suggestions below.

1. Refresh Email Inbox Manually

It would help if you initially manually refreshed your iPhone's inbox before we go onto advanced methods.

Step 1: Launch the iPhone's Mail app.

Step 2: To update the inbox, swipe downward from the top.

2. Make Mobile Data Access Available

Your iPhone won't get new emails if you have disabled mobile data access for the built-in Mail app. The Settings menu is where you must make the required adjustments.

Step 1: Get your iPhone's Settings app open. Then click Mail by scrolling down.

Step 2: From the menu that appears, toggle on mobile data.

3. Verify Inbox Syncing Settings

On the iPhone, there are three options for syncing new emails. You have three options for getting new emails: manually, fetching new emails at regular intervals, and pushing. In an ideal world, you must select the "Push" option.

Use the fetch method and select a brief interval frequency to retrieve new emails if it's not accessible.

Step 1: On the iPhone, select Mail in the Settings app.

Step 2: Fetch new data that may be found by tapping the account.

Step 3: Push the toggle to the on position. Ensure that you choose the same option for each of your email accounts. Choose Fetch if a particular email provider does not offer Push.

4. Remove The Account And Read It

Have you updated the password for your Outlook or Gmail accounts? To start receiving emails, you must re-authenticate your account with a new password. You can delete the account and add it again if that fails.

Step 1: On the iPhone, open the Settings app, then scroll down to Mail.

Step 2: Choose Accounts.

Step 3: Click on the relevant document

Step 4: Choose Delete Account, then affirm your choice.

Step 5: Select Add Account when you get back to the Accounts.

Step 6: Re-sync your emails after entering your login information.

5. Read the Settings For Mail Notification

The notification settings for the Mail app on your iPhone need to be checked. New emails will continue to arrive in the background if you've rejected the permission, but you won't receive any notifications.

To activate and modify Mail alerts, follow the instructions provided.

Step 1: On the iPhone, open the Settings app, then scroll down to Mail.

Step 2: Choose notifications

Step 3: Turn on "Allow Notifications."

Step 4: Then choose "Immediate Delivery." Even the notifications for VIPs and each email account can be modified.

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