How to Set Up Gmail on Apple Watch?

Please let me know how to set up Gmail on Apple Watch. I bought a new apple watch but now facing some issues while setting up Gmail on the watch. Help me.

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Set Up Gmail on Apple Watch:

If you really wish to set up Gmail on an Apple watch you can actually let it materialize by integrating your Gmail account with your Apple watch in a very interactive way as explained in this comprehensive guide. So, just explore different elements of this unique guide that showcase how you can set up Gmail on Apple watch quite conveniently.

Step 1 - First, you need to have your iPhone with you followed by attempting to install the official Gmail app on your iPhone.

Step 2 - You must continue by tapping on the “Settings” option followed by tapping on “Gmail”.

Step 3 - Go on to further tapping on Notifications followed by trying to configure Gmail Notifications Settings in a manner you like.

Step 4 - Now launch the Watch app well succeeded by tapping on Notifications again.   

Step 5 - The next task that you must undertake is to enable the “Gmail slider to “On/Green” under the “Mirror iPhone Alerts From:” segment. The resulting impact of this action will be that whenever you happen to get any Gmail updates or emails the same will be reflected on your “Apple Watch” in the form of relevant Gmail Notifications.

Integrating your Gmail account with your Apple Watch using third-party apps

If you are not able to set up Gmail on Apple watch then you may resort to using third-party apps that can let you set up Gmail on Apple watch in a very hassle-free manner as explained hereunder.

Step 1 - You first will have to download and install the third-party email app on your iPhone. But, ensure that you use an app that is compatible with integrating your Gmail account with the Apple Watch app.

Step 2 - You should now set your Gmail account in the preferred app followed by finding and tapping the email on your Apple Watch.

Note: Different email pairing apps offer different features but you should employ the one which is user-friendly in its interface and that is able to keep you updated regarding any new email that gets into your Gmail inbox.

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