How to Charge a Chromebook Without a Charger?

If you wish to learn how to charge your Chromebook without using the original charging cable, then you have come to the right place. In case your power cord is misplaced or damaged, then you can try other ways to power it up.

How to Charge your Chromebook Using a USB Cable?

In case your Chromebook has a C-type USB port, then you can charge your Chromebook using that. However, there are many caveats to this. If you wish to use the Chromebook while you are charging it, then you will require a charger that supports USB power delivery. In case you find that Type C is an option, then you can easily find this option in your Settings. 

Step 1: Select the Time, then Settings. The settings option is represented by a gear icon. 

Step 2: Choose Power. 

Step 3: Select the USB port from where you would like to receive power. 

In case the power settings do not have this option, then charging through USB-Type C won't be possible and you won't get the option to choose the USB type-C port. 

Low Power

There are chargers that have portable battery packs. These chargers charge your Chromebook but at a very slow pace. In fact, if you wish to use the Chromebook when it is connected, then the battery is still going to drain.

You can easily use your mobile device to charge your Chromebook. Your USB-Type C port should be able to accept power. Moreover, the battery of your phone is a lot smaller than the battery of your Chromebook. It isn't one of the best solutions but it gives you some uptime. 

Learn the Situation of your Battery 

Select the time given in the lower-right corner. Just next to the date, you are going to see a readout of your current battery power. This will present a better battery life to you and the amount of time you are left with before the Chromebook dies. 

You need to replace your charging cable as quickly as possible. You can try all the alternate methods to charge your Chromebook but you must get a replacement as early as you can. A website like Amazon is a perfect replacement. Search by the manufacturer for your Chromebook and then get a suitable replacement. 

How can I Charge my Chromebook with a Car Charger?

Some Chromebooks have AC as well as DC power cord. In case your Chromebook came along with an AC or car charger, then you must use it to charge your Chromebook. However, there is a limitation.

You can only use this charger in your car. However, it will keep your Chromebook on and running while you wait for a replacement cable.

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