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If you are looking for Top 10 Emails without Phone Number Verification then here in this blog you will find free emails services sites. Keep read.

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Top 10 Email without Phone Number Verification -

Are you looking for an Email without Phone Number Verification? There are excellent email services with attractive user interfaces, excellent security with end-to-end encryption, and iOS and Android apps that are both free and don't require a phone number! You don't have to use a questionable email provider.

Here's a list of free mail servers that don't require you to provide your phone number. It's creepy these days, for sure. In return for an email account, you must give away your phone number. While it gives the firm a layer of security, handing up the phone number is useless to us.

1.  MAIL.COM - Free Email Accounts

It's simple to sign up for Input your name, desired email address, security question, and password, and you're done — you'll have an email account in under three minutes. However, free users are limited to 65 GB of storage, and the highest file attachment allowed is 30 MB.

While this may be a drawback for some, the other services they provide much surpass the limitations – two-factor authentication (2FA), email aliases, a free online Office suite, and even free email mobile apps for Android and iOS. has long been one of my personal favorites; the servers are reliable, and the simple interface.

2.  TUTANOTA - Free Encrypted Email

This is one of the best email services I've come across. offers free anonymous sign-ups and a storage capacity of up to 1GB. What's even better? Tutanota is encrypted, adding an extra degree of protection.

What's the best part? There are no adverts on this page. Tutanota is a free and open-source project that is supported by donations and premium accounts. Premium accounts are relatively inexpensive, costing only 1 euro each month.

3.  Yandex Mail - Free Reliable Email

Yandex is a Russian provider of internet products and services (think of it as a Russian Google), with email being one of them. It has a well-designed user interface as well as adequate security. mail provides 10 GB of storage space for free.

4. GMX MAIL - Free Email Accounts

GMX is a popular free email service without a phone number that does not require phone number verification. It may, however, request an alternative email address, which is always useful if you forget your password. GMX provides up to 65GB of free storage as well as iOS and Android apps.

You can also create up to 10 alias addresses for free, which you can control from one central mailbox.

5. PROTONMAIL - Free Secure Email

ProtonMail, established in Switzerland, offers free email accounts with 500MB of storage and 150 emails per day. While this may not sound thrilling, offers encryption, which most other email companies do not.

Yes, you can send password-protected encrypted emails to others that will expire or self-destruct after a certain number of days.

6. - Stable and Powerful Free Email

The largest free email service in Latvia. It provides email and brings together a variety of other online services such as file sharing, photo backup, calendaring, and even dating! Of course, you can register for free without having to provide your phone number.

You'll have access to 20GB of email storage. The website and email dashboard are, of course, in English.

7. Tempmail - Disposable Temporary Email

Tempmail is not a conventional email service provider; instead, it gives you a one-time email account that is only valid for a few hours. Some services may not accept a temporary email address as your registration email, so be cautious.

It's essentially a disposable email address. Of course, no verifications are required, and you are not required to log in at all.

When you visit their homepage, you will be given a temporary email address. It's ready to use straight away.

8. Mailinator - Temporary Email Services

Mailinator provides a free and temporary email address that does not require any authentication. You don't even need to register; go to and create a temporary email address. Keep in mind that Mailinator may only be used to receive emails; it cannot send emails.

Another disadvantage is the lack of privacy; all emails are visible to the public. Mailinator is a service for registering accounts if you don't want to reveal your real email address because you're afraid of being spammed or registering one-time accounts.

9. - Free Encrypted Email

The fact that Protonmail uses client-side encryption is a huge plus. Furthermore, their servers (which are owned by Protonmail to avoid utilizing a third party) are located in Switzerland, where neither the US nor the EU has jurisdiction.

This implies that if your message is intercepted on its way to the Protonmail server, no one will be able to decrypt it (unlike with other popular email providers like Gmail).

10. MAILNESIA - Free Disposable Email

Mailnesia is an amnesiac email. One issue with Mailnesia is that it does not allow you to send emails. Seriously. Input your desired email address, and you will receive an instant inbox in seconds - no registration is necessary.

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10 Best Email Without Phone Number Verification-

Emails have gradually taken over as the best and the most efficient way of communication thereby giving more leeway to managing businesses more effectively, but most of the email services come with a phone-based authentication process to enforce the best privacy practices after accomplishing which you can move ahead to continue using the email services seamlessly.

In the context of the prevailing phone-based authentication mechanisms for new email sign-up, it is often observed that people tend to be more restrained and cautious towards not sharing their personal details on many occasions due to which they find it quite hard to avail of the best of email services.

But, today having a specific email without phone number verification has become possible with the availability of some of the best-known email services that actually don’t require you to punch in your phone number while registering yourself with such email services initially.

So, by means of this quick user guide, we endeavor to discuss here a few email services that can seamlessly allow you to continue using the email without phone number verification which you may really find very useful.  

1 - ProtonMail Email

One of the best email services that provide for sending and receiving email without phone number verification is undoubtedly the ProtonMail which is a Swiss emailing service providing 500MB storage for free and that allows you to send 150 emails on any given day in an end-to-end encrypted manner.

In a normal scenario, the emails that you send using the open-source mailing platform available in the form of ProtonMail are password-protected and usually expire after a time span of 28 days which you can adjust as per your own preference.

But, you must note that if you wish to have more storage space and customization then you should opt for different premium packages that come at a higher price.

2 - is yet another mailing platform that permits sending and receiving emails without phone number verification up to the file attachment size of 30MB. provides for storing data of up to 65GB and also makes available various value-added features like two-factor authentication and better compatibility with smartphones, desktops, and PCs.

What happens to be the unique selling point for is its reliable servers that facilitate the transmission of emails at a much higher speed.

3 - Tutanota 

Tutanota is also on the list of such email services that do not require you to send email without phone number verification by making available the facility of encryption as an added layer of security.

The service is free and open-source which has a no-log policy which ultimately makes it one of the most preferred emailing services. But, please do note that when you are using for sending emails you must be aware of the fact that doesn’t support PGP and IMAP features that are otherwise common with other email services.

4 - TempIn Box

What’s more unique about using TempIn Box mailing service as the preferred e-mail service is the fact that it allows you to create an anonymous email when you do not wish to disclose your actual email and still want some urgent email to be sent to the recipient.

The other most anticipated feature of the TempIn Box mailing service is that here as well you can send your email without phone number verification which is very well supported by spam filters.

5 - Yandex Mail 

Well, it’s quite strange about this unique email service as it allots you an email address in exchange for your phone number but if you really don’t want to share your phone number and still like using the Yandex Mail then you should choose the “I don’t have a mobile phone” option and must continue signing up for the Yandex Mail.

You would also get a little more astonished to know that the Yandex Mail comes with innovative security features and built-in antivirus software that supports the storage of up to 10GB.

6 - Mailnesia  

Another unique email service that facilitates you to only receive email without phone number verification is the Mailnesia mailing service which not just provides the service of generating an anonymous email without letting you disclose your original email but also supports multiple text encoding and using several domains.

The only more noticeable fact about the Mailnesia mailing service is that using this you cannot send the email service but can continue receiving the anonymous email address duly backed by HTML integration and specific RSS channels for separate inboxes.   

7 - GMX Mail

GMX Mail is another online mailing service in the entire series of mailing services that entail sending and receiving email without phone number verification with a built-in storage facility of 65GB.

This service is sponsored by Global Mail Exchange which instead of requiring the phone number at the time of signing up asks you to enter your alternate email id for opening a mailing account on GMX Mail.

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Email is vital for personal and professional communication, but more and more providers require a phone number to register an account. There are several reasons why someone may wish to create an email without a phone number, including concerns over personal data, even though this might be due to altruistic intentions, which we'll discuss shortly.

Due to their uniqueness, phone numbers can be used to identify. This implies that they can be utilized to authenticate individuals and safeguard accounts. However, linking them to internet accounts may result in invasive data collection, a sizable digital footprint, and increased vulnerability to data breaches.

Large-scale data breaches have occurred frequently in recent years. One of the most prominent ones included an email provider and involved stealing information from at least 500 million Yahoo! accounts, including—you guessed it—people's phone numbers.

Why Do Providers Request Your Phone Number So Frequently?

The provider's goal is to ensure you are not a spammer or a bot. Mail servers might lose their reputation and waste resources if they permit bots or spammers. This is particularly valid for free email without phone number providers.

A security solution to safeguard online accounts using more than just ordinary login credentials is called two-factor authentication, or 2FA. Frequently, the second factor or certification will be linked to a phone.

You can use phone numbers to get into accounts. You need help remembering your password or username. It could be disastrous to lose login credentials if there is no way to retrieve the account.

These are the most frequent reasons, although they are not the only ones, why a business could request a phone number. Furthermore, it's important to remember that many email providers will still encourage users to offer a phone number, even if they don't require one.

What to Check for When Creating an Email Account Without Verifying Your Phone Number

Finding email without phone number verification requires considering some different aspects. We've thought about email service providers who don't demand a phone number because:-


After all of your effort and time in creating and linking an account, will the service likely terminate abruptly?


What functionality is the email service provider providing? Are there backups, custom domains, integrations, spam filtering, etc.?


What level of protection is provided by the service? Is the encryption end-to-end?


Is it simple to obtain information or ask questions if something goes wrong, or do you need to know more?


What are the services' prices, and are there any packages available?

Considering these requirements, let's examine four service providers that enable email account creation without a phone number.

1. Create an Email Account on Gmail Without a Phone Number

The largest email provider doesn't require a phone number, which may surprise you, but it's real! Although it is not required, Google strongly advises adding a phone number to your account to get services like verification codes and password resets. When trying to create an email account without a phone number, Google is a fantastic option because of its excellent reputation and likelihood of staying around for a long time.

2. Email Without a Phone (or Even a Backup Email Account) using Tutanota

As the "world's most secure email service," Tutanota is an email provider that prioritizes security. Although it was only introduced in 2011, it has little time to establish a solid reputation, but its safety is still well regarded.

 Tutanota provides a recovery code if you misplace your login information, eliminating the need for a phone. In this manner, the account stays outside of your digital trail. Tutanota features include encrypted calendars, custom domains, aliases, smart filtering, and full customization with a White Label option for paying accounts.

3. Secure Email Address Without a Phone: Protonmail

Another reputable security-focused provider that lets you set up an email account without a phone number is ProtonMail. Though its capabilities are minimal for free users, they are what you would expect.

With end-to-end encryption, two-factor authentication, anonymous email accounts, and compliance with the stringent privacy protection rules of Switzerland, its home base, it boasts incredibly robust security. ProtonMail provides further support through a support team and online resources.

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