How to Add Hidden Adult Roku Channels?

I am not able to find Roku porn channels. Please help me in Adding Hidden Adult Roku Channels. I have no idea about adding that channels in Roku. Help me.

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Add Hidden Adult Roku Channels - Roku Porn Channels

There are a lot of big names streaming media players in the market but among all big-name streaming media players, Roku is the only streaming media player which offers viewers the ability to watch X-rated adult content.

But you won't find any adult channels in the public Roku Channel Store. Roku porn channels are only available as private channels and are officially labeled by Roku as non-certified channels.

Here is a List of Roku Adult Channel Codes:- Roku after Dark Channels Free

  • 911 Dispatcher Drama - 911
  • 2048 - 2048
  • 247 Retro Internet Television - 247retro
  • 5000 Dice Game - 5000
  • 100.3 The Sound LA - THESOUNDLA
  • 1080p Showcase - 1080p
  • 1st Baptist Church Trussville - firstbaptistchurch
  • 2048 TV Puzzle Game - 2048TV
  • Media Player - 256bz
  • 2M Maroc - 2MMaroc
  • 30a TV - 30aTV
  • 30aTV - 30A
  • 3Angels Littlelightstudios - LittleLightStudios
  • 5ik.TV - 5ikTV
  • 7 Stations Streaming Radio - RD7UQE

How To Add a Roku Porn Channel - Roku Adult Channel

Step 1. Login into your Roku account at

Step 2. Under Manage Account you will find a link to Add channel with a code.

Step 3. Click on that link, enter the channel access code, and select "Add Channel".

At This Point You will See a Seemingly Ominous Warning:

THIS IS A NON-CERTIFIED CHANNEL. Roku requires all channels to avoid Roku’s terms and conditions and to distribute only legal content. Roku does not test or review non-certified channels. You acknowledge you are accessing a non-certified channel that may include content that is offensive or inappropriate for some audiences.

Moreover, if Roku determines that this channel violates copyright, contains illegal content, or otherwise violates Roku terms and conditions, then Roku may be removed from your Chanel without notice, And your account may be blocked from adding any other Non-Certified channels.

Step 4. Go ahead and click on the "OK" button. At, we list only legitimate adult services with a clean and proven track record; we don't list any channels that stream pirated videos.


Open Answer 22 November 2022

Watch Porn on Roku in 2022: Stream Roku Adult Channels:

Porn movies and such adult content come with an irresistible erotic appeal that may make you watch Porn on different sources and channels, but there may have been a scenario that when you have tried watching X-rated movies, prurient videos, and other online adult web content earlier, you may have become wary of the privacy policy breach, the risk of your identity and confidentiality that might get compromised, or that some hidden malware may be stealing away your secret data and information from your computer in the guise of displaying some kind of pornographic content.

Due to this, you may have started refraining from accessing and watching such adult content on your internet browser to address which, now there is available a better solution in place in the form of watching Porn on Roku as it entails adhering to a simple procedure to be accomplished as a consequence of which you may watch Porn on Roku anytime.

But before you begin to watch Porn on Roku and start accessing such erotic adult content via the Roku streaming player you should have a quick look at the nuts and bolts of watching Porn on Roku which is discussed in an elaborated manner by means of this quick user guide.

Critical Points to Remember When You Go on to Watch Porn on Roku

Watching Porn on Roku Comes with Additional Safety Considerations

If you wish to watch Porn on Roku then it will happen to be a lot safer compared to watching Porn on any internet browser wherein risks associated in the form of some hidden malware may materialize thereby leading you to suffer from some serious detriment going ahead.

To Watch Porn on Roku You must Access Porn Channels on a Dedicated Roku Channel 

Please do remember that when you wish to watch Porn on Roku you are using a dedicated Virtual Private Network (VPN) network for the purpose of enforcing the protection of the highest order which will keep you immune completely from any breach of privacy rules and practices.

Beginning with the Porn Channels that are Available for Free

You may get a little more excited to know that yes of course there are some free Porn channels that you can watch on Roku. One such free Porn channel is “pornhub” which you can get on stream simply by logging onto your Roku account on the Roku website followed by punching in “pornhub” in the text field that requires you to enter the channel code after you click on the “Add channel with a code”. Then, just continue by clicking on “add channel” and confirming your action subsequently.

About Finding Hidden Porn Channels on Roku

You won’t be able to find hidden Porn channels on Roku Channel Store to watch Porn on Roku as Roku has a well-defined policy in this regard that prohibits the listing and display of Porn channels which eventually calls for adding the desired Porn channel on Roku manually by accessing the Porn channels using different channel access codes.

In this context, it becomes noteworthy that there is not available a comprehensive list of private hidden Porn channels which Roku prescribes and openly shows for subscription, rather the private Porn channel owners advertise their specific Porn channel to be subscribed to and added to the conventional Roku channel list.

You must also take note that different adult channels including the Porn channels are not displayed publicly, instead they come with a separate channel logo for enforcing extra privacy policies.

Adding Porn Channels on Roku: Demystified

The process of adding Porn channels on Roku is simple but it warrants a distinct and clear walkthrough so that you are able to easily watch Porn on Roku.

So, just take a look at the step-by-step guide mentioned below that lets you add your favorite Porn channel on Roku going forward.

Step 1 - Just begin by going on to the Roku website followed by logging in to your Roku account.

Step 2 - Now go to the “My Account” section shown under the profile picture in the top-right corner of the Roku login screen.

Step 3 - Continue by clicking on the “Add channel with a code” which is generally shown in the bottom-left segment of the Roku window.

Step 4 - Now, enter the Channel Access Code and press the “Add Channel” button subsequently after you have clicked in the check-box displayed corresponding to the reCAPTCHA section.

Step 5 - You may be prompted to go through Roku’s non-certified channel warning-cum-disclaimer after which you must click the “OK” button.

Step 6 - You must then press the “Yes, Add Channel” button to finally approve the action of adding your favorite Porn channel on Roku. Also, make sure that you receive and go through the “Channel Added” message from Roku subsequent to which your Roku must start displaying the Porn channel privately added to the prescribed list of channels to allow you to watch Porn on Roku.

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