How to Fix Can’t Download, Open or Preview Attachments on Outlook Web App?

A web-based email client called Outlook Web App enables you to access and manage all of your emails in one location. The web browser can be used to run this on any device, whether a desktop or laptop computer, a phone, or even a tablet.

The Microsoft Outlook web interface also allows you to download, open, and preview attachments. Simply click the downloading option to open any videos, images, excel documents, or PDF files that have been given to you.

But, some customers report that Outlook won't let them access attachments. You can try one of the methods given below to see if it helps if you receive the same error when downloading and opening attachments from your email.

How to Fix Outlook Web App's Inability to Download & Open Attachments

On your MS Outlook web email program, attachments may not be able to be downloaded or seen for a number of reasons. It can be a problem with the file format and extension. It's possible that the file won't work on your device.

Your antivirus software may occasionally be blocking the attachment. The issue could potentially be caused by a corrupted file. The techniques listed below can be used to solve the problem.

Method #1: Examine Outlook's Preview Options

  • Open the Settings menu by launching the Outlook Web app and clicking the gear icon.
  • Select options.
  • Choosing Active View Settings
  • Choose Always display previews.
  • Tap on save button

Method #2 Use a Different Web Browser

Can’t Download, Open or Preview Attachments on Outlook Web App from another browser on your device if you have one. Try to see if you can download or read the email attachments.

If so, you can determine if your old browser is restricting downloads by checking the safety settings.

Method #3 Choosing Save to OneDrive

Have you ever used OneDrive? If so, you have the option to save it there rather than obtain or view the attachment. Simply select Save in the OneDrive. Open the link in your OneDrive account following saving the file.

Method #4 Open the Attachment Using the Microsoft Outlook Client

  • You can also use the desktop client if the web app is unable to upload the attachment. Try downloading the file with the Microsoft Outlook client once it has opened.

Method #5 Clear the Cache and Cookies in Your Web Browser

  • In your web browser, go to More Tools, Settings, or History.
  • Click on Clear Browsing Data and Clear Cache.
  • Cache, cookies, or history should all be checked off while setting the Time Range to All Time.
  • Select "Clear Cache".
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