The Ultimate Guide to Recovering a Suspended Amazon Account 2023?

The biggest worry for a seller is having his Amazon Seller Central account suspended or canceled. This frequently occurs as a result of Amazon's strict standards, which are in place to safeguard both merchants and shoppers. What causes this to occur? Can it be undone? How long would it take to restore your account to its previous state? In this article let's know how to recover when Amazon suspended my account.

What Is Amazon Account Suspension?

Your selling rights will be suspended if your account is suspended. When a seller engages in selling actions that are against Amazon's policies, guidelines, or conditions, this occurs.

Customers won't be able to access any of your Amazon product listings during this time. You effectively vanish from Amazon, but don't worry you can appeal to have your account reinstated and the suspension lifted. Amazon always notifies the seller when an account is suspended. Your appeal can be set up according to the type of account suspension.

Reasons Amazon Suspended My Account:

You should create a compelling action plan in response as there are numerous reasons why Amazon suspended my account.

Product Quality:

When selling on Amazon, you must follow the regulations and avoid providing any prohibited, illegal, fake, or used goods. It's crucial to be aware of Amazon's policies on things that are illegal in different countries. Examples of prohibited items include nicotine, alcohol, explosives, cash and currency, and more. If Amazon learns that you are selling any of these items, your account will be suspended.

More Than One Account:

You are not permitted to sell the same type of goods through more than one seller account since this is considered to be a policy violation. However, you can request prior authorization for it in writing to Amazon; otherwise, your account will be suspended.

One more pivotal highlight recall is to try not to open another Merchant account following your record has been suspended. It's a good idea that, as a dealer, you need to begin selling again on Amazon, yet making another record will keep your current essential record from being re-established.

Policy Transgressions:

Copyrights and trademarks are essential when selling on Amazon. Your account will be suspended if you utilize bogus trademarks, infringe on other sellers' copyrights, or sell counterfeit items. Your advertising content shouldn't infringe in any way on another vendor's intellectual property.

Everything comes down to following Amazon's policies, rules, and standards. As a trader, it is your duty to adhere to the rules. It covers everything, including dropshipping, the prohibition of reviews of purchased goods, and ratings. To avoid your Amazon account from being suspended, make sure you read through all the policies.

Seller Efficiency:

Your performance as a seller must always be up to par, regardless of whether you are a known, trustworthy seller on Amazon or a brand-new one. Because Amazon is a strong proponent of customer satisfaction, you must keep the performance target score that it has set. This involves maintaining an extremely low defect rate for Amazon orders of less than 1%.

Amazon looks at standard selling indicators, unfavorable customer feedback, late shipping, and order cancellations to identify underperforming suppliers. Your account will inevitably be suspended if your performance is judged to be subpar.

How to Recover Suspended Amazon Account:

You're in a better position than researching since all of the explanations for suspension have turned out to be so clear. How can you reinstate your Amazon account if it has been suspended?

There are important points to keep in mind as you begin the correspondence cycle with Amazon when you discover that your account has been suspended. Keep in mind that it pays to exercise patience and control your behavior.

Examine your suspension notice in detail and respond to the main justification for your suspension. If Amazon claims that you disregarded a methodology, be sure to know which one it was and how you used it. This is important because you need to show Amazon that you are currently aware of what went wrong.

Additionally, you must describe a specific methodology so that Amazon can verify that you will have the appropriate tools for evaluating your errors. Taking everything into consideration, you also need to demonstrate to them that you are careful enough to avoid repeating the same errors or violations in the future.

See below how to send an appeal to Amazon...

  • When you have finished creating your POA, go to Seller Central and select "Execution alerts" from the dropdown menu under "Execution."
  • Snap-on Charm and open the suspension notification that Amazon emailed you. Following then, you will see a few Charm choice options. Elect for the best.
  • As time goes on, you should make your Approach and include your contact information so that the relevant experts may get in touch with you if they have any questions or require any additional information from you.
  • Hit "Submit." Your charm will then be delivered to Amazon seller Execution for analysis.
  • You should only pause for a moment and continue since you have officially given Amazon your plan. It can take anything from a month to what seems like an eternity to hear back from Amazon, so it can definitely be a very inconvenient interruption.
  • But this is an encapsulation of tenacity. If you have explained everything clearly, you should have faith that Amazon will take your appeal seriously and restore your record at some point.


Having your Amazon account suspended isn't the apocalypse. In the event that your record gets shut down, don't worry, simply do your absolute best at getting it re-established. Nonetheless, it's smarter to be protected than sorry, so make an honest effort to keep up with Amazon's approaches and try not to do things that could get you suspended on Amazon.

Now that you have a deep understanding of Amazon account suspension, you ought to have the option to explore assuming that your record at any point gets suspended.

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