How Can I Speed up My Laptop with Windows 10?

Hello, Please let me know that how can I speed up my laptop with Windows 10. My laptop is working so slow in windows 10. Help me in increasing speed of my laptop windows 10.

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Speed Up My Laptop with Windows 10:

Window 10 is the fastest operating system released by Microsoft. Window 10 is the most efficiently coded operating system from Microsoft but it also contains so many exciting features and vast number of features which required huge amount of system resources and on a very positive side, the latest window 10 operating system has some exciting features which is require to improve overall efficiency.

If you have found that your computer is performing slowly down and there are a number of usual suspects who are most probably responsible including temporary file and less powerful hardware.

In this guide we will explore approximate possible ways by which we can speed up my laptop with windows 10 operating system which includes defragging, clearing out unwanted program which are not required for longer period and performance of hardware upgrades and disabling superfluous special effect.

Restarting Your Personal Computer:

This is quite obvious that most of the users keep their machine running for a week or more than week time. Some time users open any application and they need to work on that application most of the time.

So mostly they do not shut down their computer and keep their PC in sleep mode. In sleep mode any process which has been started previously will continue when you work on your computer. This process aggregate over time and it will slow down your computer.

This issue you can fix by sending your computer in shut down mode instead of sleep mode in each day. Once you have finished using it, by clicking window button and select power button

Before shutting down program, first you make sure that the entire program should be exit and save your work. Shutting down your computer each day will speed up your windows 10 speed.

Update, Update, Update:

Microsoft releases updates for operating system continuously. These updates are designed to fix common bug of your system which are responsible to reduce system performance. Some updates are necessary and some are minor which are not required.

So always check out the relevant update for your windows. So if your machine is lagging regarding performance, you have to look out relevant updates for window by typing update in the search bar and check for updates and save relevant updates. After applying update, your window will be restarted and no more update is available in update section.

Check for Startup App:

PC can become broil down by the number of running process. This is happen due to so many installer will instruct windows to run their program immediately after login the system which might be cause of slowing down your system speed.

To check startup your program, first open task manager then tap on startup tab, pay close attention to the startup impact value for each program high which is the good way to spot apps that is the main cause of slowing down your system down. To prevent a program from launching on login by right clicking and choose disable option

Running Disk Cleanup:

Disk cleanup is a utility which clean up system file and it will remove the bad sectors in the disk by performing disk cleanup operation. This is the easy way to delete any files which are not longer use. This is an easy place to start in download folder.

Delete Unused Software:

Some time many vendor release their product with heavy software which is not required in some cases and some time many user installed unnecessary software on his system which are irrelevant.

So to speed up the computer, you need to uninstall all this irrelevant software from your system by going into control panel->add remove program and thereafter select appropriate software which you need to uninstall. You need to right click on the software and choose uninstall option.

Disable Special Effects:

Window 10 comes with new visual sliding effect which consumes processor and memory and slows the speed of computer. You need to disable the special effect by going into window menu and then search for the system then go to in advance setting tab where you need to select performance and settings.

Under the visual effect tab, you need to click on radio button for custom. From there you can uncheck the tick box which is located at the next to the visual effects. You need to click on apply button to confirm your apply changes.

Disable Transparency Effect:

There are some more transparency effect which might cause to slow down your computer. You need to disable transparency effect by going into window menu->type make start taskbar->action center transparent->color setting->from here you can switch off your transparency.

Upgrade Your RAM:

Window 10 required 4GB virtual memory to run smoothly. If your RAM Size is too low, you need to increase your RAM size to speed up your computer.

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