How Do I Login To My Audible Account?

Audible is a popular podcast and audiobook service provider. Users have the choice to either buy or stream audiobooks using this great service. If you wish to stream some other audio content like speeches, and debates, then you can do that as well. This company offers a subscription model that can give you access to its vast audio content library.

You also get a credit facility that you can redeem at the end of the month to listen to your favourite podcasts and other audio content. This subsidiary of Amazon is the biggest retailer and producer of audiobooks in America. Audible’s headquarters is located in Newark, New Jersey.

If you want to learn how to log in to my Audible account, then read the steps mentioned below.

How can I Log in to my Audible Account? 

In order to log in to Audible, you are required to go to the Sign-in page on the desktop site of Audible and enter the email information associated with your account. Select Continue and then you will receive an email with instructions on how you can access your account. 

How can I Cancel Audible? 

First of all, you need to open the Google Play Store on your Android smartphone. After that, select the profile picture in the upper-right corner of your profile menu. Select payments and subscriptions and then finally select Subscriptions. Search for Audible and then finally select Cancel subscription. 

Is Logging into Audible the Same as Logging into Amazon? 

No, they are both very different things. You are required to use your Amazon email address and password to access Audible. After that, your old Audible username will not work anymore. 

Why am I not Able to Log into Audible? 

In case you got logged out of the Audible app recently, then you may be getting a generic error message that says you need to re-login. This is because your app uses a one-time password system for security reasons.

If you wish to login to my Audible account again, then you must enter the one-time password that you received in your email. In case you are still experiencing issues while logging in, then you must get in touch with the customer service team to fix your problem.

How to Change an Audible Account? 

In order to change your Audible account, you are required to login to my Audible account and then go to the Account Details page. There, you are going to see the button of "Switch Membership".

This button will help you get a different membership plan. After you are done selecting the plan that you want, you need to click on the button of "Get this plan". Then, you must check out to complete the changing process. 

Why am I not Able to Cancel my Audible Membership?

A user is not allowed to cancel the plans by using the mobile app. However, you can use the desktop version in Safari and Chrome to open the website and go through the entire process. The credits you didn't use will also get cancelled along with the subscription. 

Can I log in to Multiple Audible Accounts?

No, a user is not allowed to log in to multiple Audible accounts simultaneously. Nevertheless, you can have 3 mobile devices activated on one account. It means that you can listen to audiobooks on three different devices. However, they need to be connected to the same account.

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