How to Sign-in to Hotmail Account? - Microsoft Hotmail Login

Is there anyone who knows about how to sign-in to Hotmail account? I am facing some issues while login. I have no idea about this. Help me.


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to Hotmail Account - Microsoft Hotmail login

Hotmail is a public email service that you can easily access using your internet browser. During its initial years, there were a lot of users whose email ID ended with In the start of the year 2011, Outlook replaced Hotmail.

This is a web app introduced by Microsoft that included services such as Contacts, Calendaring and Webmail. Hotmail email service was founded by Jack Smith and Sabir Bhatia in the year 1996.

This company was acquired by Microsoft in the year 1997 for $400 million. If you are looking forward to knowing how to sign in to your Hotmail account, then take a good look at the steps that we have mentioned here.

Follow the Steps Below to Sign in to Hotmail Account.

Step 1: Open the Hotmail website and navigate to the sign-in page. (if you’re using Mac then open Safari and if you’re using some other device you can open any web browser available.)

Step 2: There are multiple links that can help you reach the sign-in page. You can use the Not only this, you can even use

Step 3: Now hit enter button or click on the search button to direct you to the Hotmail sign-in page.

Step 4: Now put in the relevant details such as username, email address, and password to Sign-in to Hotmail Account. Alternately you can even use the email id that is associated with your Skype handle.

Step 5: In case you’re not able to remember your password, the best way to get it back is by clicking on the forgot password option. This option will help you Sign-in to your Hotmail Account by sending a link to your registered email address or phone number. After clicking on the link you can reset your password and log in again with the new password.

Step 6: After accessing your account, you can even click on the ‘Keep me signed in’ option. This will help you access the account easily and the hassle to remember the password will also be taken care of. However, this option is completely optional and you can choose to skip it.

Step 7: Finally click on the sign-in button and you will be set to access your Hotmail account.

You can Even Sign-in to Hotmail Account Through their Application Available on Playstore and Apple Store.

Download the application and wait until it gets installed. Launch the app and click on the Sign-in option. Input the details associated with your account like email address, password, etc. 

With the Outlook application, you can easily access your account at the ease of your device and it won’t require much hassle. Just like Gmail, you can access your Outlook account. In case there is a signing in error the best way is to double-check the details and if the issue persists, check whether the connection is working properly. 

With these options and methods, you can easily access your Microsoft Hotmail Sign in account and Outlook account.

Hotmail is one of the widely used and oldest emailing services existing. It was rebranded under the name of Outlook and has catered to a wide audience. Microsoft offers many services and a range of Microsoft products like Hotmail/Outlook, Skype, Microsoft Office, Store, MSN, Drive, Xbox Live, and much more. And due to its amazing services and access to a wide range of products almost everyone knows about Hotmail email. 

What if you forgot your Hotmail login password? 

Step 1 - Just at one corner on the Hotmail login page you will see the “Can’t access your account”. Click on this option to be redirected to the relevant forgot Hotmail login password form.

Step 2 - Hotmail will endeavor to verify the ownership of your Hotmail login by asking you to either receive a verification code on the mobile or on a valid email address that you must have provided during the signup process.   

Step 3 - When Hotmail successfully authenticates that it’s you who wants to reset the password, it will ask you to reset the password by setting a new password. Here you must set a new and strong password to continue the hotmail sign in process.

Step 4 - Finally, with this entire process taking effect you just have to use the Hotmail services for facilitating effective communication.  

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