How to Register a Supercell ID Account?

Please let me know that how to register a Supercell ID account. I am facing some issues while trying to register my id. If anyone knows then help me.

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How To Register a Supercell ID Account? (Complete Steps)

Supercell recently introduced a new account management system called Supercell ID. Now, players only need one game account to play Supercell games on tabs, PCs and smartphones. The process to set up Supercell ID is quite simple.

You just need to enter the OTP sent to your email ID to log in. This is the easiest method to load games on different devices. A Supercell ID keeps your games safe and helps you stay connected.

After connecting your Supercell ID to your account, you will not be able to play games using your Google Play ID or Game Center account. Below we have mentioned the easy steps that you need to follow to register a Supercell ID account.

How to Create a Supercell ID Account to Save Your Game?

Step 1: Browse to the Supercell game's configurations. You will notice that the Supercell ID section is disconnected. Select "Disconnected" from the menu.

Step 2: Tap Register now next to the Supercell ID registration screen.

Step 3: Click Continue.

Step 4: The email that was used to generate the Supercell ID must be entered next. Tap Register after selecting I want to get news updates from Supercell.

Step 5: The confirmation number that was given in your email will then be needed for you.

You should look under Categories > Promotions to discover this Supercell mail because it won't be included in the standard mail. Write this 6-digit code into the confirmation window to join Supercell ID when you notice which mail is entered. Register Supercell ID with a 6-digit code behind this is the mail that has been sent.

If this text appears, you have to register a Supercell ID account.

The Supercell ID account page now displays the green Connected button whenever you access the Settings menu.

One thing to keep in mind while utilizing this Supercell ID account is that it cannot be used by anybody else. It will be hard to delete your Supercell ID account from their device after they input it. You can utilize your own Supercell game account without connecting to any of your email accounts by following all the above steps to register a Supercell ID account.

Important Points to Supercell ID Register Setup

  • Please note that you should not be providing your Supercell ID to anyone else because if the other person links your Supercell ID to his gaming account then it won’t be easy to remove your Supercell ID from his gaming account.  
  • Once you activate your specific Supercell ID register setup you will not be required to link your gaming account with any other external email ID.

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