How Much RAM Do you Need in Laptop?

Is there anyone who knows about how much RAM do you need in laptop. I am facing some issues while using laptop. Help me.

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How much RAM do you Need-

RAM is without a doubt one of the most important parts of your computer system. Smartphones, tabs, and computers have a memory starting from 2 GB to 32 GB. There are some systems that have even more RAM. More RAM means more speed.

So, make sure that there is enough RAM on your system to run different apps. Windows 10 needs a minimum of 2GB RAM and Chromebooks need even less RAM. Here in this post, you will read how much RAM you need for gaming machines, desktops, laptops, and tablets. 

How much RAM do Tablets Need? 

People usually don't install heavy software on tablets, that is why their RAM requirement is less.  With the introduction of more complex software, tablet and laptop needs are converging. Presently, laptops need 2GB to 16 GB RAM.

The RAM requirements of a tab may vary depending on the processor speed and battery life. If we talk about iPad Mini, it needs 3GB RAM, the design is mainly focused on long battery life and vibrant display.

On the other hand the latest iPad model i.e., 12.9 inch iPad Pro has 6 GB RAM. The surface Go 2 of Microsoft has a default 4 GB RAM. It also has an 8 GB option.

So, the RAM requirements for tabs are as follows. 

  • 4 GB is fine for lightweight users. 
  • 8 GB for better tabs. 
  • 16 GB for tabs that you use as your primary computer. 

How much RAM does one Need for Gaming? 

According to the majority of gamers, 16 GB RAM is sufficient. A lot of AAA PC games such as Cyberpunk 2077 have only 8 GB RAM requirements. However, there are some games that require 16 GB RAM.

If you wish to play multiple apps while gaming, then it is recommended to have 32 GB RAM.  You won't see any improvement in terms of game performance between 32 GB and 16 GB RAM. 

How Much RAM does a Laptop Need? 

A lot of laptops have 8 GB RAM. Some machines have 16 GB RAM. There are some powerful laptops that have 32 GB RAM. As technology is becoming more advanced, laptop and tab needs are converging. However, people usually use laptops for running complex programs. So, the role of RAM is more significant in the case of laptops. 

If we talk about Chromebook, it mainly relies on cloud-based apps and has very limited storage space. So, it doesn't need much RAM. Therefore, there is no need to expand the basic 8 GB RAM that you get while buying your Chromebook. 

If you are a Mac or Windows user, the 8 GB is just the beginning, you may have to expand it up to 16 GB at a later point of time. This is why, a lot of machines come with 16 GB RAM. Windows 10 needs a minimum of 2 GB RAM before running any application. If you wish to use your Windows laptop for gaming, then you have to bump it up to 16 GB. 

How Much RAM does a Desktop Need? 

Prices of different computer components have skyrocketed in the previous year. A few years ago, a 16 GB kit was worth $ 50, which s now worth $80. People keep desktop computers for a longer period in comparison to laptops or tabs.

If your desktop comes with less RAM, then you can upgrade it to 16 GB. If you are a gaming enthusiast, then you can bump it up to 32 GB. Serious workstation users usually go beyond 32 GB.

Mick Jone 20 February 2022