How to Choose the Right Windows 11 Compatible Laptop?

Is there anyone who knows about how to choose the right Windows 11 compatible laptop. I am going to buy new laptop with Windows 11 OS. Help me in this.

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Choose the Right Windows 11 Compatible Laptop:

A lot of users are enquiring about choosing the right Windows 11 compatible laptop since the day of its release. The day when Microsoft announced the release of Windows 11, it mentioned a few things that a user needs in order to run Windows 11 on his device. We have stated some tips below that you consider before you buy a Windows 11 compatible laptop. 

What to Consider Before You Buy a Windows 11 Laptop? 

You need to keep one thing in mind from the very start. All the new laptop models are compatible with Windows 11. However, the selection of a new model is your personal choice. If your device is meeting all the necessary requirements, then you should go ahead and buy it.

Some of the mandatory requirements for Windows 11 are listed below. 

Storage: 64 GB minimum

System memory: 4 GB minimum

Processor: 1 GHz or faster

Security: TPM 2.0 required

Digitizer: Precision touchpad

Hardware buttons: Volume up and down buttons and power button

Ports: Video output required, USB ports

System Firmware: UEFI

Graphics: DirectX 12 API

Connectivity: Bluetooth, Ethernet connection, or Wi-Fi

Microsoft is quite stringent when it comes to picking devices for the new OS and has been very straightforward about it as well. For example, the laptop you pick for installing Windows 11 must have a precision touchpad, Bluetooth, and webcam.

Another important thing that you must remember before you go ahead and buy your new laptop is 5G support. To make things a lot easier for you, the latest laptop models already have TPM 2.0 security chips. 

Different Brand and Model Choices

The most difficult decision while buying a laptop is brand selection. With so many amazing brand options and numerous models. It is quite hard to decide what to choose. Some have a great appearance, some have incredible specifications and there are some that have both these things. Moreover, they have got that X factor that gives them an upper edge in comparison to other models. 

When you are done with brand selection and attributes, then the next thing is budget. All of us have different needs and our buying decision is completely dependent on those needs. Electronic gadgets are quite expensive but we need to choose the one that is the best budget pick for us. 

If we talk particularly about HP laptops, then no new list has been announced as such. However, the list of devices that support Windows 11 lies in HP Pavillion, HP Envy, and HP Spectre categories. Dell has also not announced a list of compatible devices but most of the Dell models are compatible with Windows 11. 

As far as it is concerned about the motherboard, the Windows 11 compatible motherboards are C232, C246, C236, X299, C621, 500, 400, 300, 200. 

Microsoft can Help You Select a New Laptop

If you are not much of a tech person, then you must take assistance from Microsoft in this matter. This Washington-based company can help you choose a Windows 11 compatible laptop. With this assistance, you will be available with various format choices.

This includes laptops and desktops, which you can select based on your choices and preferences. The great advantage of choosing a Microsoft recommended device is that Windows 11 will surely run on it. 

However, you shouldn't let Microsoft influence your buying decision. Rather, you must consider the guidelines provided and keep other factors in mind as well. Once you get your desired compatible model, you can enjoy running Windows 11 on it.

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