How to Factory Reset a Lenovo Laptop?

Please let me know that how to factory reset a Lenovo laptop. I am facing some issues while using Lenovo laptop. Now trying to reset it but don't know. Help me.


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Factory Reset a Lenovo Laptop:

Now often the need to reset the Lenovo laptop arises. There could be many reasons. You might want to sell your laptop, or the laptop might be glitching. An overload of files could be another reason for you to try a factory reset. 

There are two ways to Factory Reset a Lenovo Laptop. Firstly you can opt to delete all the files or you can choose to hard reset and clean the hard drive from very scratch. But remember either way you will have to download fresh windows after a factory reset. And installing a new one is not an issue and can be managed with a few easy steps. 

If You want to Preserve Your Files and Factory Reset a Lenovo Laptop you can Follow These Steps Below.

Step 1: Go to the Start menu and head to Settings. There, click on Update and Security.

Step 2: In Update and Security, choose the Recovery option. You will find a section named ‘Reset this PC’Click on Get Started option under it.

Step 3: An option will appear to Keep Files or Remove Everything. Since you want to keep the files make sure you click on the former.

Step 4: Your laptop with starts with the process displaying the ‘This Won’t take Long’ message.

Step 5: A prompt will appear to review a few changes like removing all apps and changing the settings to default.

Step 6: Click on the Reset option after reading about all the changes that may occur to restart the process. 

Now to Factory Reset a Lenovo Laptop and Remove All the Files you can Follow the Steps Below. 

Step 1: Again head to the Start menu and click on Update and Security.

Step 2: Under the Update and Security option, click on the Recovery option. This section as stated above will take you to the ‘Reset this PC’ section.

Step 3: After Getting Started you will get an option to Keep the Files or Remove Everything, and as you want to clear everything click on the latter.

Step 4: The process will start and a prompt will appear to review the changes that might occur. Make sure you read them carefully and then only click on Reset

By following the steps above you can Factory Reset a Lenovo Laptop and choose to keep or delete the files. Before doing a hard reset make sure you double-check the files that you might lose after a reset.

Sometimes important files are lost and are impossible to recover. Hence it is advisable to regularly back up all your data in an external storage device.

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