How to Fix a Broken Laptop Screen?

Is there anyone who knows about how to fix a broken laptop screen? I am facing some issues while fixing it. I have no idea about that. Help me.


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Fix a Broken Laptop Screen:

There cannot be a more frustrating situation than your laptop’s screen getting broken down especially when you are required to do some urgent official work. I myself encountered this bad experience when I was supposed to submit some important documents online.

I tried to fix the issue while executing which I came across various ways of fixing the broken laptop screen. The laptop’s screen gets broken due to some physical damage caused due to the laptop screen.

However, a broken laptop’s screen is marked by the screen’s visual impairment, indefinitely colored pixels, multiple color lines, various segments of the screen appearing black, or that the screen may not be turning on.

Here is a complete guide throwing light on possible means of fixing your laptop’s impaired screen.

Rebooting Your Laptop

Due to some operating system-oriented glitch, the laptop may not be booting, so restarting your laptop might fix hindrances to regular booting.

Latch Related Issue

There might have been a broken laptop screen issue owing to a defunct latch. The joint of the screen and the keyboard may have broken, so you must be looking for fragments of the broken plastic case or debris in and around the hinges joining the keyboard and screen.

If nothing has happened, you should now close the flap after cleaning the front panel. Also, you may have a malfunctioned lid sensor. 

You may Plug in an External Monitor

You may conveniently plug in an external monitor to resolve the broken laptop screen. Here are simple ways of connecting your laptop with an external monitor. 

1 - Using an HDMI Cable

The most feasible and fast way to connect an external screen with your laptop is to arrange an HDMI cable and plug both ends into the laptop’s HDMI port and external monitor. Please ensure that your laptop does have an HDMI port in order to get connected through the HDMI cable.

2 – Connecting with Display Port Cable

Like you have an HDMI cable, the Display Port cable can also transmit high definition AV signals to the external monitor. But this can be taken forward with the availability of a five-sided DP port. 

3 – Configure External Monitor Connectivity by Utilizing USB-C Port

Alternatively, you can connect with the external monitor using a USB-C cable. Few laptops also come with a USB-C thunderbolt video option which can be configured to streamline external monitor connectivity. 

4 – Facilitating External Monitor Connectivity Using a DVI Cable

This is probably the primitive external monitor connecting media. You can simply connect your old monitors with the laptop by using a digital Visual Interface (DVI) cable. Please note that connecting through this DVI cable cannot provide the best audio-video quality experience as it can just support a resolution of 2560*1600.

5 – By Means of an Adapter

This way of connecting your laptop with the external monitor is applicable in a case where your laptop is having a Display Port while the external monitor may have an HDMI input connecting media. So to streamline the monitor with the laptop a Display port-to-HDMI adapter or dongle may be of great use. 

Video Drivers can be Updated

You may also resort to updating your video drivers in case your laptop screen is turning black. Updating drivers may help fix broken laptop screen as it would restore any driver-related snag that may possibly be hindering the booting of your laptop.

Removing the Screen Burn-in

Screen burn-in is an uncommon yet noteworthy caused by pigmentation or ghosting of an image on the screen’s background. The probable cause is that the screen uses a given pixel more often causing the screen’s display to showcase colors quite differently. This can be fixed by simply turning the background of your screen as White. 

Treating Dead Pixels

Occasionally, the laptop screen may be suffering from dead pixels causing the screen to stop lighting up and narrowing down to a black blot. This can be fixed by waiting to cause such black opaque blots to disappear gradually, or you can use a freeware named Jscreenfix that can easily remove the dead pixels in ten minutes.

Improper Disassembling

It is also a very common phenomenon that while disassembling some connectors, wires or cables may have malfunctioned causing the screen to remain opaque. So you can plug in all cables and connectors and try restarting the laptop.

And, if after trying the above-discussed tricks the screen-related issue remains unresolved, you may finally replace the screen of your laptop. 

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