How to Fix Acer Laptop Wont Turn On?

Please let me know how to fix Acer laptop wont turn on. I have no idea about this laptop. If anyone knows about this solution then give us.

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Fix Acer Laptop Won't Turn On:

The “Acer laptop won’t turn on” issue might annoy Acer laptop users especially when they have to do some urgent work and they are not able to switch on their Acer laptop.

This issue of “Acer laptop won’t turn on” may be because of a wide range of reasons ranging from a defunct battery to the malfunctioning BIOS of your Acer laptop that can eventually be fixed by executing a few different troubleshooting steps depending on the type of cause of the “Acer laptop won’t turn on” issue.

Friends, I also faced the “Acer laptop won’t turn on” issue that I was able to fix by accomplishing the Power Drain process for my Acer laptop. So, here is a complete guide that you can also refer to anytime for fixing the “Acer laptop won’t turn on” issue.

Executing the Power Drain for your Acer Laptop

Step 1 - Executing the power drain process is all about removing the battery from your Acer laptop primarily. For this, you just have to check whether your Acer laptop has an external or an internal battery. In either case, you just have to remove the battery carefully.

Step 2 - Now after removing the battery you are required to long press the Power button for almost sixty seconds.

Step 3 - Thereafter you must reinsert the battery properly followed by plugging back the cables into the power socket of your laptop and turning on your Acer laptop.

Checking Your Acer Laptop’s Charger

There may be a situation where a defunct laptop charger may be causing the “Acer laptop won’t turn on” issue to check which you just have to run your laptop using the battery only. If your laptop is able to start without the charger then definitely your battery charger is the main culprit.

In such a scenario you just have to change your battery charger by finding a new adapter. Consequently, you will be able to switch on your laptop with a new battery charger.

Fixing the Defunct Battery

Quite often your Acer laptop may be carrying a defunct battery to fix which you just need to verify the status of your battery primarily followed by running your laptop using the direct AC mains power cable.

So, just perform the following steps carefully.

Step 1 - Just remove the battery from your Acer laptop with caution and press the power button of your Acer laptop for sixty seconds.

Step 2 - Now continue by plugging back the charger into the Acer laptop subsequently.

Step 3 - Turn the power switch of the power outlet on and try to switch on your Acer laptop. If your Acer laptop gets on then definitely it can be said that your Acer’s laptop battery is defunct and needs an immediate replacement.

Step 4 - Then after replacing the battery try to run your Acer laptop again. If your Acer laptop turns on then the issue of “Acer laptop won’t turn on” stands resolved.

Fixing the Unresponsive RAM Chip

It is commonly observed that a systemic RAM failure might also cause the “Acer laptop won’t turn on” issue. It may happen due to a variety of reasons ranging from excessive overheating to high and intermittent voltage fluctuations.

In either case, you must cause to reorder the RAM of your Acer laptop by following the method given underneath.

Step 1 - Switch off the Acer laptop followed by removing all the power cables from both ends.

Step 2 - Just continue by unscrewing the back of the laptop and removing the RAM stick from the compartment of the RAM affixed to the Acer laptop.

Step 3 - After brushing off the RAM and its compartment just reinsert the RAM carefully into the RAM compartment.

Step 4 - Tighten the screws going ahead and try turning on your Acer laptop normally. If the Acer laptop turns on then the issue of “Acer laptop won’t turn on” will be considered to have been resolved.

Fixing the “Acer Laptop Won’t Turn On” Issue by Removing and Reinserting the CMOS Battery   

Step 1 - Unscrew the back casing of your Acer laptop and disassemble it carefully enough to be able to remove the CMOS battery from your Acer laptop.

Step 2 - Now locate the CMOS battery and remove it from the laptop’s motherboard.

Step 3 - After removing the CMOS battery just press and hold on the Power button to drain off the excess power from the laptop.

Step 4 - After removing the CMOS battery just wait for thirty minutes followed by reinserting the CMOS battery in the appropriate case.

Step 5 - Reassemble your Acer laptop followed by rebooting the same. If your Acer laptop turns on then the issue of “Acer laptop won’t turn on” is very well taken care of and you may continue running your Acer laptop at its full capacity.

Cleaning or Replacing the Cooling Fan of Your Acer Laptop       

Step 1 - Just initiate by removing the back casing followed by cleaning the internal fan by using a cotton swab soaked in the isopropyl alcohol.

Step 2 - Then wait for thirty minutes to allow the isopropyl alcohol to get dried up.

Step 3 - Subsequently, just reassemble the laptop and try rebooting the same. If your laptop turns on then the issue of “Acer laptop won’t turn on” is fixed else you might have to replace the cooling fan of your Acer laptop.

Getting Executed the BIOS Recovery Mechanism with the Help of an Engineer

Though you may execute a BIOS recovery on your own, it is always advisable that you get the BIOS recovery executed with the assistance of a technician or an engineer. At this point in time, it becomes noteworthy that BIOS may have become defunct due to corrupt flash memory or due to a virus.

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