How to Fix for Norton Antivirus Crashing and Not Responding?

Hello, Please let me know that how to Fix for Norton Antivirus Crashing and Not Responding issue. When i am trying to install then it's happening. Help me.

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Fix for Norton Antivirus Crashing and Not Responding:

Norton antivirus is one of the best antivirus program for windows operating system personal computer in today’s market. One of the best features of Norton antivirus is to save the file which is relevant for us.

Norton antivirus keeps those files in safe place in our heart to be safe. As you know that Norton antivirus is widely used by people and it is quite obvious and common situation that many of the people faces other problems as nothing is perfect in today’s world.

One of the common problems faced by so many Norton user is that Norton antivirus crashing and not responding which means if this kind of situation arises in front of you, then your personal computer’s files and folder are not safe. So you have to find a solution of this kind of problem immediately to save your files and folder.

Let us Understand Norton Antivirus Crashing:

Suppose if you are fond of opening your Norton antivirus again and again, then in this case your Norton antivirus might get crashed or corrupted and you will get to see error message on your screen or some time your Norton antivirus will not responding.

This situation is most irritating when you see this kind of message again and again because many times you used to use your computer for urgent work via pen drive or using some other external devices.

So pen drive is external devices, you have to scan it to get rid of your computer system to get corrupted. It is not advised you to use any other external devices without scanning the computer. Now today’s we are going to explain some solutions to fix for Norton Antivirus Crashing and Not Responding.

Quick Troubleshooting Ways to Fix for Norton Antivirus Crashing and Not Responding:

Repair Norton Antivirus Corrupted Files:
  • First you need to download Norton fix software by visiting Norton official website and save the downloaded files at the desktop.
  • Thereafter, you need to double click on the downloaded file and run the tool to fix the corrupted files.
  • Accept the license agreement and fix tool will start to work in very easy manner.
  • Now you need to restart your personal computer.
  • After performing restart operation, most probably your Norton antivirus must start working.

These are the following steps, by adopting you can resolve your issue, but problem is still persist by running Norton Fix tool, you can go with another alternative solutions to resolve your issue.

Norton Basics Troubleshooting and Checkup:
  • First you need to login with your Norton account and check for the subscription and renewal the account to just make sure that you have a valid license agreement to use Norton antivirus.
  • Thereafter you need to update your Norton antivirus with the latest update which is available on the internet and then restart your computer.
  • One thing you have to keep in your mind that when you are getting the latest update of your window, you must disable any other antivirus software.
  • If problem still persist, you are required to restore your window on the back date. But before performing this operation , you need to take backup of your latest data in any other external drive.

Fix Norton Error Problems:

  • First you need to right click on the Norton and click on the properties, if you see any kind of error in the program in properties then see to it and attempt to clear them if it is required.
  • If you are unable to see any kind of error message, then first you need to go to add and remove program which you will get inside the control panel or even my computer. Now you will see Norton antivirus program in add/remove program section. From there, you need to uninstall the Norton antivirus program and re-download it and install it again on your computer.
  • After installing the Norton antivirus again, please do not forgot to update your Norton antivirus.
  • If problem is still persist and it is not resolved then this might be possible that something is wrong with your internal window files and in this case it is required to install the window again but before attempting install window again at fresh end, we advised you to contact Norton internet security troubleshooting section of this site.

There were some tools and tips to fix for solving the crashing of Norton antivirus program and not responding problem of Norton antivirus program.

So this is the document on to fix for Norton Antivirus Crashing and Not Responding issue with all the possible solution. After adopting, if issue is still persisting, you can contact Norton security technical support to resolve your issue.

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