How to Fix Lenovo Laptop Black Screen Problem?

Is there anyone who knows about how to fix Lenovo laptop black screen problem. I am facing some issues while trying to on my Lenovo laptop, it's showing black screen. Help me.

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Fix Lenovo Laptop Black Screen Problem:

Lenovo Laptop showing black screen is perhaps a menace for frequent laptop users as it hinders the users to operate continuously. I too got stuck up with the Lenovo Laptop Black Screen issue that I could easily resolve by adhering to simple troubleshooting steps.

You can also follow the steps discussed below to figure out the possible reasons for your Lenovo laptop’s malfunctioned screen and fix the Lenovo Laptop Black Screen problem without having any need to replace your Lenovo laptop. So, here is a quick guide, just have a look.

Causing your Lenovo Laptop to Restart without Any Peripherals Connected

Many a time if the hardware devices, external equipment, or peripherals remain connected during an earlier shutdown, it may impede your Lenovo laptop to properly booting, thereby causing your laptop to show a black screen.

The solution to this particular cause is to disconnect and plug out all the external hardware devices and peripherals and then restart your laptop. If your Lenovo laptop start booting with the screen showing the booting process and windows screen subsequently, then the Lenovo Laptop Black Screen issue will stand resolved.

Resetting the Display Mode on Lenovo Laptop

Very rarely, the Lenovo laptop screen may show all black due to the fact that your laptop’s display may be running in an outdated mode. To fix this, just press Windows button along with CTRL, SHIFT buttons and B letter key all at once. As a consequence to this action of refreshing the display mode, your laptop’s screen may get on.  

Lenovo Laptop Hard Resetting might also be the Solution

Step 1 - You should disconnect all external devices, unplug all the cables and cords, and remove the battery.

Step 2 - Now press and long hold the On/Off button for almost a minute.  

Step 3 - And, after a few minutes attach the battery in the battery slot of the laptop and connect all wires with the laptop.

Step 4 – Now switch on your laptop, If the screen gets back to show the Windows Desktop, the problem is fixed.

Using an External Monitor to Connect with the Lenovo Laptop 

Step 1 - There will be one different port for all different kinds of applications like HDMI, Display Port, USB-C, and DVI. 

Step 2 - Depending on the availability of either of the ports, you can arrange a relevant connecting cable after checking the matching jack of your monitor as well.

Step 3 - Now plug in one end of the connecting cable to the laptop and connect the other end with the external monitor.

Updating the Graphics Drivers in Lenovo Laptop

Sometimes, the drivers may become outdated or corrupt that could actually impact the functioning of screen thereby resulting in your laptop’s screen turning black. The probable remedy for fixing the outdated drivers is to update the graphics drivers.

Updating Windows in Lenovo Laptop

In a remote possibility, your Windows may have not been updated, hence causing the black screen of laptop. In a bid to do away with this cause as the reason of the Lenovo laptop’s black screen, you can update Windows.

Closing the Pending Tasks of Explorer.exe

Quite often, different processes and tasks on the laptop may get accidentally paused, fixing which can help you remove the Lenovo Laptop Black Screen problem. Follow the below-mentioned sequential steps to get this done.

Step 1 - Opening the Task Manager by simultaneously pressing CTRL+SHIFT+ESCAPE keys.

Step 2 - Click on the Details tab/option.

Step 3 - Trace and then click Explorer.exe and click End Task.

Step 4 - You can restart the laptop, and if the screen starts showing Windows panel and icons, the problem is solved.

Performing a Factory Reset on Lenovo Laptop

If after trying the above troubleshooting steps the laptop screen remains black, then you may resort to performing a factory reset. But, please remember once you do this all your data should be backed up on a priority basis.

And, despite all the above steps, nothing happens you may contact your nearest laptop vendor.

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