How to Install McAfee Antivirus on Windows 10?

Hello, Please let me know how to Install McAfee Antivirus on Windows 10? I tried many times but unable to install Antivirus on Windows. Help Me

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Install McAfee Antivirus on Windows 10

Before installing the McAfee antivirus software on Windows 10, you need to make sure that your system has all the requirements to install it, like a processor of 1 GHz, memory of 2GB RAM, and many more. First, visit McAfee and install it, press the "account option" and sign in; under "my apps tab," select the McAfee antivirus product from the menu.

Choose your operating system, press the "download" button, further accept the license agreement of McAfee, note down the serial number of your product, press the "download" button, now the installer file is downloaded to your device, you have launched it by clicking on "install" button. Make sure you have a stable internet connection while installing it. Carry on with the on-screen prompts and complete the installation process.

Whenever a user goes for installing McAfee antivirus on a Windows computer, then he is first required to uninstall the earlier version of antivirus that is currently installed on his computer. Sometimes technical errors come up which hinder the installation of antivrus.

In such a case one is required to take assistance from customer service associates who are trained specialists and can resolve any error that too effectively. Mentioned below are the steps that one needs to carry out in order to install McAfee Antivirus on Windows 10.

  • The first thing that you are required to do is to go to Google Chrome and then enter McAfee antivirus free download in the location bar of the browser. 
  • After that, you will see a number of antivirus appearing in the search results and you will be required to select one that you wish to download.
  • Now, save the antivirus where you wish to save it. 
  • Once you have downloaded the antivirus program, then you need to go to the Start menu and then finally move to the Control Panel. 
  • Select Programs and Features and then select the antivirus software that is already installed on your system and then uninstall it. 
  • Now, navigate to the new antivirus software that you just downloaded. 
  • After that, select Run and then select “Country and Language”. After that, you need to enter the Product Key and then select the button of Submit. 
  • Then, the Lisence Agreement page will open up before you. There, you are required to enter the login ID and password. To log into your McAfee account and then slect the button of “Next”. 
  • Choose the option to install McAfee Antivirus on Windows 10 and then select the button of Next for successful completion of the installation process. 

In case you are still encountering technical glitches while installing the antivirus program on your system or laptop, then you can reach out to the Mcafee customer support representatives. The representatives will look into the matter and will come up with the most apropriate remedy to resolve your problem. 

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