How to Keep Your Phone or Laptop From Overheating?

Please let me know how to keep your Phone or laptop from overheating?


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Keep Your Phone or Laptop From Overheating:

Your laptop or mobile may start overheating due to excessive usage or because of using several battery-hungry apps and features which will ultimately prompt you to find ways to keep your phone or laptop from overheating. 

This quick guide attempts to prescribe some really cool ways by implementing which you can keep your phone or laptop from overheating and can possibly extend the useful life of your laptop or mobile.

Keeping your Laptop or Mobile away from Exposure to Direct Sunlight

Your laptop or mobile has numerous components which when exposed to a direct heating environment can certainly undermine the performance of your laptop or mobile. In such an unwanted scenario, it is always advisable to avoid any direct exposure of Sunlight on your laptop or mobile by operating them in a relatively cooler environment.

You shouldn’t Put your Laptop or Mobile in a Hot Car

What is also worth discussing here is that you should also avoid keeping your laptop or mobile in a hot car as it can potentially damage your laptop or mobile going forward. 

As a precautionary step, you should keep your phone or laptop over a soft and thick cloth spread inside your car which will undoubtedly keep your phone or laptop from overheating always. Additionally, you can switch on the AC of your car and can start operating your laptop or mobile after some time.

Patiently Waiting before Turning on your Laptop or Mobile

It has been observed that if you have operated your laptop or mobile earlier for a substantial period of time then you should patiently wait before turning them on especially if you have moved to a relatively cooler environment as it would avoid your laptop’s components gain moisture and keep itself insulated from getting damaged.

Disabling the most Battery-intensive Apps and Features is also a Feasible Solution

Quite consistently the battery-hungry apps and features may not just drain the battery of your laptop or mobile but may also cause some serious unwanted overheating.

So, to keep your phone or laptop from overheating you must quickly disable the battery-draining features like GPS, 4G/5G, and the screen brightening option and must also enable the battery-saving mode on your laptop.

Using a Laptop Cooling Stand

A laptop cooling stand is of great use if you are exploring ways to keep your phone or laptop from overheating as these cooling stands have the required capability to draw the excessive heat away from your laptop. What is more interesting here is the fact that using a laptop will hardly alter the position of your laptop and will not make it uncomfortable to use the laptop on your desk.

Shutting Down your Laptop or Mobile is also the Way Forward

When you have been using your laptop or mobile for a prolonged period of time it may result in overheating. In this given situation it is safe and better to turn off your laptop or mobile as this will serve as a very effective and ideal way to keep your phone or laptop from overheating. 

Subsequently, after waiting for a period of 30 minutes followed by placing your laptop in a relatively cooler place or by keeping your mobile under the shade you can attempt to switch on your mobile or laptop.

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