How To My ASUS Laptop Touchpad Not Working?

Please let me know that how to my ASUS laptop touchpad not working. I have no idea about this. If anyone knows then help me.

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Fix ASUS Laptop Touchpad Not Working:

Imagine yourself working on your ASUS laptop when you suddenly observe the “ASUS laptop touchpad not working” problem ultimately causing hindrances in your official workflow. Friends, I would like to tell you that I faced a similar situation wherein I found myself stuck up with the “ASUS laptop touchpad not working” problem.

I tried a few things to solve this when in due course I found that this “ASUS laptop touchpad not working” problem is primarily attributable to the touchpad settings issue. So, in the context of fixing this issue, I present herewith a quick user guide to help you fix the “ASUS laptop touchpad not working” problem.

By Enabling the ASUS Touchpad from the Keyboard

There may have been a great possibility that you may have disabled your ASUS touchpad by either pressing F6 or F9 button depending on your ASUS laptop model. To facilitate seamless working from the keyboard, the ASUS laptops have a built-in feature of disabling the touchpad which must be given due credence in a bid to also utilize the functionality of the ASUS touchpad.

So to enable and activate the ASUS touchpad, you must press the function key along with F6 or F9. By executing this action you must check whether the keypad of your ASUS laptop starts functioning or not. If you are able to operate through your ASUS touchpad, then the “ASUS laptop touchpad not working” problem will stand resolved.

Activating the ASUS Touchpad from the Accessibility Center of your ASUS Laptop 

There is yet another way of fixing the “ASUS laptop touchpad not working” problem wherein you just have to tweak certain settings and would see the activation of your ASUS touchpad.

Step 1 - Initially, you just have to press the “Windows” + ”X” keys together.

Step 2 - Now simply you just have to click the “Settings” option which is displayed in the dialogue that gets opened.

Step 3 - Now navigate the left side menu that you can see to find and click on the “Accessibility” option.

Step 4 - Just scroll down a bit to click on the “Mouse” followed by clicking the “Mouse Pointer”.

Step 5 - Further, just execute a scroll down to find and click on the “Touchpad”.

Step 6 - You can clearly see the current status of your ASUS touchpad, if it is disabled then turn it “enabled”.

Updating the ASUS Touchpad by Updating the Touchpad Drivers

Alternatively, you may also update the ASUS touchpad drivers in a bid to fix the “ASUS laptop touchpad not working” problem by adhering to the following steps.

Step 1 - Just launch the “Run” dialogue box to move ahead with fixing the “ASUS laptop touchpad not working” problem.

Step 2 - Then type in “devmgmt.msc" in the space where commands are to be typed in and simply press the “OK” button.

Step 3 - Navigate to find and followed by expanding the “Human Interface Devices”.

Step 4 - Move ahead by clicking on the “Touchpad Driver” followed by clicking on the “Updated Driver”.

Step 5 - Now press the “Search Automatically” option for finding the drivers coupled with clicking on the “Finish” button.

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