How to Perform an HP Laptop Battery Replacement?

Is there anyone who knows about how to perform an HP laptop battery replacement. I am facing some issues while doing this. Help me.

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Perform an HP Laptop Battery Replacement:

The battery life of a laptop is limited. You may have seen that you put your laptop on charging for a long period of time but it runs out of battery within a short span of time.

The battery capacity of your laptop gets reduced with time. If your laptop's battery is draining more than usual, then you must replace the battery of your laptop. 

1) Purchase the New Battery of your HP Laptop

You need to get a new battery before you go ahead and open your computer replace the battery. Check the model of your computer before you end up ordering the wrong battery for your laptop.

Check the manufacturing company and the serial number of your computer before you search for the battery online. To check the replacement battery for your laptop, use the battery finder tool. if you are trying to replace the battery of an old computer, then you must conduct your search on a third-party website. 

2) Make a Battery Report on Windows 

Before you go ahead and replace the battery of your HP laptop, you must check the performance of the battery that you are currently using. To check the performance of your battery, you must create a battery report in Windows.

To generate a battery report, follow the steps mentioned below. 

Step 1: Go to the bottom-left corner of the screen and open command prompt

Step 2: Type"powercgg/batteryreport in the command prompt and then press enter. 

Step 3: Now, your battery report will be created and saved. 

Step 4: If you wish to review the battery repost, go to the Users folder. 

This report will give you a good idea of how the battery performed in the last three changing cycles. You must compare the design capacity with the full charge capacity to find out whether it is worth replacing the battery or not. 

3) Disconnect Your Laptop from the Electrical Outlet

In order to place a new battery in your laptop, you need to first turn off your laptop and then disconnect your laptop from the electrical outlet. If you forget to disconnect your laptop from the power source, then you may end up putting your life in danger as you can get a serious electric shock. 

4) Use a Screwdriver to Remove the Back Panel of Your Laptop

You are required to take off the back panel of your HP laptop. For this, you need to use a laptop opening kit or a screwdriver. This will aid you in replacing your battery with ease. To access the battery area, you need to take off the rubber covering the back panel.

It is recommended to use a plastic opening tool to remove the rubber. After that, you need to unscrew the screws holding your laptop's body together. Use a screwdriver to remove the screws on the back cover and then remove the cover.

You need to use the plastic tool one more time to loosen the edges. Now, carefully dislodge the panel from the corner. 

5) Remove the Old Battery and Place the New One

After removing the back cover, you will see the battery. Remove the screws that are holding the battery in your laptop's body. Now, disconnect the wires that are attaching the battery to your laptop.

Make sure you do these two things carefully as these parts are delicate and may get damaged if not handled carefully. Now, remove the old battery and place the new battery. Connect the wires on your computer to the new battery and then screw it in your laptop's battery.

Please ensure that your battery is properly placed and is not too tight. A tightly-placed battery can damage some components. After replacing the battery, you need to place the back cover of your laptop. 

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