How to Take Screenshot On a Lenovo Laptop?

Please let me know that How to take Screenshot On a Lenovo Laptop? I am facing some issues while doing this on my laptop. Help me.

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Take a Screenshot On a Lenovo Laptop:

Taking screenshots is a necessity nowadays. Find something funny, screenshot. Got an important task to manage, screenshot. Find the perfect design for your home décor, screenshot. The world runs with screenshots. They make sharing stuff easier and faster. Not only this, but you can use screenshots as reminders or important notes as well.

Now, taking screenshots is easier on the mobile phone whether Android or iOS. But when it comes to laptops or computers taking screenshots becomes a task. We often spend more time on mobile phones making screenshots irrelevant while working on laptops or computers.

But in case a situation arises when a screenshot is needed, you might find yourself hurling across the keyboard to find something labeled as ‘screenshot’. Unfortunately, you won’t find anything of this sort anywhere on your keyboard. 

Here’s How You can Take Screenshot On a Lenovo Laptop.

Step 1: Instead of finding a key named screenshot instead you can find the Prt Sc (Print Screen) key.

This will allow you to take Screenshot On a Lenovo Laptop.

The Prt Sc key is located on the top row where F1, F2, F5, etc keys are located.

This can make it easier for you to take a quick snap of your screen.

So to take a screenshot on your laptop, locate the PrtSc key and press it simultaneously with the windows key. This will take a snippet of the screen and you can find it in the pictures folder on your system. 
Step 2: Another function that the Prt Sc key could do is open the Snip and Sketch tool. On clicking the Prt Sc key on your Lenovo laptop, you can snip out a part of the screen or the entire window itself.

Once the image opens up, click on the New option on the top left corner, and with this, you can snip out a part of the image. 

It allows you to take Screenshot On a Lenovo Laptop in Rectangular or Freeform. With the snip and sketch tool, you can edit and make changes to the snippet you took. The tool not only enables you to take a screenshot but has advanced features to test out your creative abilities.

If you use Lenovo’s ThinkPad tablet, even then taking a screenshot can be a hassle. So to take a screenshot on ThinkPad just like Lenovo laptops all you need to do is locate the Prt Sc key. You can find it in a similar position as that of the Lenovo laptop. The process to take Screenshot On a Lenovo Laptop can be followed here as well.

Click on the combination key of Function and Prt Sc and a snippet will be captured and saved to the Windows Clipboard. From there you can edit and post the image anywhere directly. You can even open it in an editor and make the changes as required by you.

Mick Jone 09 February 2022
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