How to Transfer Norton Antivirus To Another Computer?

Hello, Let me know that how to transfer Norton antivirus To another computer. I want to transfer my Norton antivirus to another computer but how. Help me in this.

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Transfer Norton Antivirus To Another Computer:

A malware protection software is very much necessary to keep your system protected from virus attacks. If you have bought a new computer, then you must transfer the antivirus license from your previous computer to the new one to safeguard all the data stored on your desktop.

To install Norton Antivirus on another computer, you first need to delete it from the computer that you were using earlier. Just go to the Norton account for downloading and installing the product on your newly purchased PC.

To Learn How to Transfer the Norton Antivirus to Another Computer, Take a Look at the Steps Given Below:

Step 1 : Log into your Norton account by entering your email credentials that you created when you activated your product.

Step 2 : Now to transfer the Norton Antivirus to another computer, delete the license from your previous computer. To do so, go to the service section and click on the ‘Norton Product’. Now, go to the section of Manage my installs and select the remove option placed right before the name of your old computer.

Step 3 : Now on your new system, click on the button of download and select the button of agree and download for downloading a 200 MB file.

Step 4 : Store this downloaded file on your hard disk. Launch the setup wizard by double clicking on the downloaded file. Use internet explorer and click on the button of run to open the wizard instantaneously.

Step 5 : Now, select Agree and Install for installing the Antivirus software on your new PC. The installation procedure gets completed within a minute. Once the installation is complete, the Antivirus product will get activated.

So, these are some of the steps that you need to perform for transferring Norton Antivirus to another computer. In case you want to buy a new license for your new desktop, then you can do that as well.

Tom Bruce 03 May 2021