How to Update Norton Antivirus?

Hello Guys, I used to operate windows 10 and I want to know how to Update Norton Antivirus?. I tried many times but unable to fix. So Can anyone have any idea?


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Update Norton Antivirus

Are you looking for methods that can help you to update Norton antivirus? Before we go through the methods let me give you some basic knowledge about Norton Antivirus.

What is Norton Antivirus?

Norton Antivirus is the anti-malware software used to protect the system from viruses. It was developed by Symantec corporation in 1991. It is a part of the Norton computer security family.

It identifies the virus using signatures. It is compatible with Linux, Microsoft Windows, and macOS. It is designed in DOS utilities. Some of the versions of Norton antivirus are 13.0, 14.0, 15.0, etc.

The latest version of Norton Antivirus:

  • Norton Antivirus security
  • Norton 360
  • Norton internet safety
  • Norton Anti-malware
  • Norton online security

Threats against which antivirus software work

Following are some of the risks for which antivirus software is designed:

  • Protect the system from the replicated file.
  • It adds weather trackers and screensavers to the system to avoid unwanted ads.
  • Prevent users from login into unsafe sites.
  • Save users from the redirection of legitimate sites.
  • Protect users from ransomware attacks.

Working Process of Norton Antivirus Software

Multi-layer of Norton antivirus software speed up the detection process of virus and malware. Below are some of the layers of the product.

Layer 1) Intrusion and Firewall prevention ( Network )

It detects the incoming data, analyses the virus attack, and blocks the threat before it harms the system.

Layer 2) Antivirus ( Protection based on file)

In this layer, this software detects the virus in files through the signatures. It protects the file from trojan, spyware, etc.

Layer 3) Protection of reputation ( Insight )

It is used to identify the sign of good and bad files accurately based on a score reputation. It reduces the overhead of the scan.

Layer 4) Sonar ( Protection based on behavior)

This layer of Norton antivirus does not allow unknown threats to enter the file. It monitors nearly 1400 files which are executed in real-time.

Layer 5) Power eraser layer ( Repair )

The power eraser layer removes the infection which is already in the system or is downloaded with any file or any virus which has not been detected in another layer.

I think we have discussed Norton Antivirus software now it’s time to explain how one can update Norton antivirus software.

Don’t you think that before updating the software we should know the steps to download it?

Download Norton Anti-malware

The following are the steps that would help you to download the software that will protect your system from viruses.

Step 1) Log in to Norton.

Step 2) If you don’t have an account on Norton then first create the account and then log in to it.

Step 3) “Get Started” page will appear on your screen From this Hit on the “Download Norton” option.

Step 4) Enter the product key and hit on the “continue” option.

Step 5) Follow the instructions. After that press enters on the option “Agree and Download”.

Step 6) Follow the step for a particular browser:

  • If you are using internet explorer then click on the “Run” button.

  • If you have a firefox browser then go to the top right corner and hit on the download option available there.

  • If chrome is the default browser then click on the download option available on bottom left corner.

Step 7) Window of the “Control user account” will pop up on the screen. Press enter on continue option.

Step 8) Norton Antivirus software is download on your system.

Now its time to discuss how Norton antivirus software can be updated.

Update Norton Antivirus Product

Follow the below-mentioned steps to update Norton Antivirus Product.

Step 1) Go to the start menu or to the taskbar. Run Norton Antivirus software.

Step 2) From the top of the screen hit on the “Option” button.

Step 3) Select the option “live update” then hit enter on the “Apply” option.

Step 4) It will automatically download all the updates of Norton Antimalware product.

Hence your Norton Antimalware software to protect the system from virus attacks such as trojan etc will be updated.


In this blog, I have provided all the important information related to Norton software.  I even have shared the method to update Norton antivirus software so that you don’t face any problem. I hope this will prove fruitful for you.

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