How to Use FaceTime Voicemail on iPhone or iPad?

Is there anyone who knows about How to Use FaceTime Voicemail on iPhone or iPad? I am facing some issues in this. Help me.

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Use FaceTime Voicemail on iPhone or iPad:

Click the Record Video button (also known as FaceTime Voicemail) that is displayed on the following screen if the contact doesn't answer your FaceTime call. Before the video begins to record, a five-second countdown timer will start. Once the video has started recording, you won't be capable to pause it and Use FaceTime Voicemail on iPhone or iPad.

Leaving a Voicemail on FaceTime

It really is just as simple to leave a voicemail on any voicemail system, including FaceTime.

Step 1: Start by choosing New FaceTime in the FaceTime app on your iPhone or iPad.

Step 2: Choose FaceTime and enter the person you want to call.

Step 3: Your device's camera ought to turn on and the FaceTime video call ought to begin ringing.

Step 4: The call will come to an end and a new screen will appear if your contact doesn't answer after roughly 30 seconds. Opt for Record Video.

Step 5: Right away, a video message will start to record. Just hit the brightly coloured red Stop button to end the recording.

You can either select the option to make a new video or press the play button icon to view the video message that you just made. To send the FaceTime message box video message, when ready, choose the green arrow icon.

Why Am I Unable to Send FaceTime Video Voicemail?

In the Record Video the tips may occasionally be unresponsive and appear faded. The contact is either not using the appropriate gadget or operating system when this occurs.

A minimum of iOS 17 and iPadOS 17 must be installed on an iPhone or iPad in order to record and playback FaceTime video voicemail as of August 2023.

Where Can I Find FaceTime Video Voicemail Messages?

In the FaceTime app, missed calls are where you can find obtained FaceTime voicemail video messages. A FaceTime video conversation can be viewed by tapping the Play icon underneath the Video.

You can pause the video message once it has begun playing by tapping the screen, and you can save the contents to an iPad or iPhone by selecting preserve in the upper-right portion of the screen.

If there is no record of a video under an unsuccessful FaceTime call, then no video message was recorded by the caller.

How to Send a Voicemail Message on Facetime

When someone is not available, users of the FaceTime app can only leave them video messages as of August 2023. When your FaceTime to communicate call isn't answered, there continue to be a few ways to compose an audio voicemail.

  • Regular voicemail should be left. It is still a successful method to leave a message to record an old-fashioned voicemail by dialing a regular phone number.
  • Utilize the voice option in messages. To record a sound file that will be retained and provided to the receiver as a component of the spoken chat, tap on the Plus icon in a standard message you're sending in the messenger app, choose Audio, and start recording right away.
  • Use a different messaging platform. An audio message option is available on the direct message screens of other chat applications, such as Facebook Messenger and Instagram. Typically, it resembles a microphone icon.
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